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Dust off your platform shoes and head to the disco!

The 2017-2018 Auction Committee wants to welcome you to A Night at Studio 47, Oakhill's annual auction and largest fundraising event of the year! Our committee of parents and Oakhill faculty are excited about this year's event because Oakhill is celebrating a special milestone, its 70th Anniversary! So this year, we thought what better way to celebrate our 70's than with a 70's disco party to top all others.

We've got so many big treats planned for you this year, so be excited about what's to come! Joining us as auctioneer this year is Tanna Guthrie. Tanna has been a part of the Oakhill Auction for over 12 years and has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the school.

How can your family support the auction?

The Disco Doors open on Saturday, March 3 at the Embassy Suites at the Kansas City International Airport located at 7640 NW Tiffany Springs Parkway. Come ready to boogie down and bid for a good cause!

Want more information on how you can support Oakhill through A Night at Studio 47? Contact the Development Office

Last Call to Return Auction 2017 Raffle Tickets!

Each family should have received a book of 5 Nashville Unplugged Experience raffle tickets in the mail! These tickets can be purchased for yourselves or sold to other family members and friends.

All sold ticket stubs, payments, or unsold tickets MUST be returned to the Development Office by this Friday, December 15 at 4 p.m. After this date, additional tickets are available to you by request if you plan to continue selling this awesome vacation package.

Any tickets not returned by Friday will be billed to your January SMART Tuition statement (paid by January 15, 2018) so please don't lose them. All unreturned/billed tickets will be entered into the raffle drawing on Saturday, March 3 at the Night at Studio 47 Auction.

More detailed information about the raffle and auction can be found online!

Thank you volunteers!

Thank you to the many parents, faculty, and students who volunteered to help make this year's Holiday Shoppe a success! The PTO Leadership thanks you for being such an important part of the the school's Parent Teacher Organization as members and supporters.


Leecil Culbertson

Michele Yager

Jennifer Wilkin

Haley Eisler

Jenny Teiwes

Grace Chen

Dina Hamilton

Mick Freyermuth

Haley Haar

Amanda Baldwin

Martha Burch


Lily Wilkin

Jonas Beckham

Jackson Teiwes

Ava Teiwes

Kaden Culbertson

Emma Dake

Regan Miller

Kylie Carlson

Emma Brown

Mason Brown

Thomas Sweet

Mya Quarles

Addie Kimmerle

Mary Kimmerle

Lauren Holloway

Drew Clawson

Ben Yager

Jaiden Phung

*Although we try to recognize everyone, we realize that many others jump in to help when needed. If we've left your name off the list, please know that we appreciate everything that you do for Oakhill!

Remember, there are many opportunities throughout the school year that need volunteer involvement. Be sure to check out our Volunteer Guide to see which opportunities work best for you and your family!

Again, thank you for all you do to make Oakhill great!

Three weeks ago I asked our 6th graders to plan, create and then launch their very own social media campaign. My requirement: that their campaign was mindful and encouraged people to use their digital powers for good. Since then they have planned, brainstormed, voted, analyzed, collaborated, designed, re-designed, agreed, disagreed, compromised, filmed, tweeted, photographed, posted and everything else that needs to be done to launch a social media campaign.

They're putting the finishing touches on a couple more videos and will be making a few more posts this week so to keep up with the latest, please follow them on Twitter @1KindConnection and on Instagram @onekindconnection.

Their bio - We are 6th graders from Oakhill Day School who know kindness is contagious and we are spreading it #onekindconnection at a time.

Their mission - to change the cyber world #onekindconnection at a time.

Their challenge – On 12/15/17, we challenge you to pick 1 special person and then send a nice message or compliment telling them how much they mean to you. Be sure to share your kind connection on social media using #OneKindConnection.

I'll admit when I started this, I had no idea how this would turn out but I can tell you I'm absolutely in awe of what they've accomplished in just a few class periods. As hard as it was for me to keep quiet and not direct them, the end result was so worth it as I can honestly say this totally their idea, their words, their campaign. Guess I should stay out their way more often!

This week we welcomed author Andrea Warren to speak to our Middle School students about her books and her experiences as a writer. Ms. Warren was here last year when Jack Mandelbaum came to talk with our Middle School – she is the author of Surviving Hitler: A Boy in the Nazi Death Camps. She has also written seven other Non-fiction books for young readers and has a new one in the works right now.

Ms. Warren spoke to each grade level individually and shared many tips and techniques that she uses when writing Non-fiction. In all of her books, she uses a young person to tell the story with a specific time in history as the backdrop of her story. She talked about the extensive research and interviews required for each of her subjects. She didn't have the magic of Google and the internet when she started her career, so it was interesting for the kids to hear about her methods of research in the beginning compared to what she is able to do now.

Ms. Warren really wanted the students to think about painting a picture for the reader in whatever they are writing. She said that Non-fiction writing doesn't have to be boring and dull and that's why she likes to use young people in her stories to really make the history come to life. People are usually more interested in reading a story about someone and what actually happened to them than just to read about the simply stated facts of those events. She encouraged students to write visually - using various details and interesting facts - in creating their stories. She also recommended that they use dialogue when they can to make it more relatable and enjoyable for the reader. It's more fun to read what the characters say to each other as though we're watching that conversation really take place...that's the beauty of being drawn into a personal story.

Many seeds were planted through Ms. Warren's presentations throughout the day. Mrs. Jackson and Mrs. Bertoldie will be able to take what the students learned and apply it in their writing for Com Arts assignments. Hopefully this will make an impact on all of their future writing. It might even have sparked the true interest in a few students to pursue writing as more than just schoolwork. It was a very productive day!

We are offering the opportunity to order Andrea Warren's books and she will personalize and autograph them for your students. These would make wonderful Holiday gifts! Please see link below to order. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Feaster. Thank you!

To order a personalized copy of Mrs. Warren's books, click here!


V ery important people

O utstanding

L ove to be helpful

U nderstand children

N eeded for many things

T eachers and administrators value them (more than they know)

E njoy helping Oakhill students

E nthusistic adults

R eady at a moment's notice

S pecial people

We couldn't do all the things at Oakhill that make us special without the help of our many, many volunteers! From parents to grandparents and friends to older siblings, Oakhill's army of volunteers help to make us shine!

The gift of time that these volunteers give is extremely valuable – you cannot put a price on it. They show up with a smile, ready to lend a hand and are untiring in their efforts throughout the year. Their contributions are notable as they are eager to help us reach goals and make every project or event successful.

We have already had a variety of events just since August where volunteers were HUGE in their success: Library, Carnival, Teacher Appreciation, Grandparents and Special Friends Day, Fun Farm Night, Middle School Hantis Tournament, Lower School's Movie on the Lawn, PTO Coffees, Main Event night and more!

Volunteers are already hard at work planning upcoming events for Oakhill and could use your help:

  • Holiday Shoppe (December 8)
  • Mother/Son (January 26) and Father/Daughter (January 27) Date Nights
  • Children's Auction (February 21)
  • Oakhill's Auction (March 3)
  • And many more!

For ALL of the help from ALL of our volunteers, we say THANK YOU!

Want to know more about how you can help with various events at Oakhill? Check out the opportunities listed here or contact Leecil Culbertson, PTO President @ or Dorothy Beckham @ to find out more.

We appreciate each and every one of our volunteers and look forward to making 2018 as successful as 2017!

Too much to do and not enough time this holiday season? Let the kitchen staff at Oakhill help!

Take-home dinners are a great way to feed all your guests without the hassle of cooking. Simply go to, choose what you want for dinner, and pick it up at the South Campus at afternoon car line. You'll have a hot dinner ready to eat, just like that!

Entrees, and sides are available, the like our Oakhill lunches, everything is farm to table and most comes from the community!

Questions? Contact Chef Justin at

I cannot believe Thanksgiving has come and gone! Time really does fly; that is why I try to make time and take time to be thankful for all of the things in my life! I want to begin by saying how thankful I am for this community; the constant support, time, and treasures are much appreciated by me and the entire school. Yesterday's record setting "giving Tuesday" was evidence of this generosity. We met our goal...and then some! I am grateful for your philanthropic nature and kind hearts!

I am thankful for my two children, Brooke and Brady, and all the love and fun they bring to my life. I am thankful for Kevin, my husband of almost 23 years, who has learned how to be a teacher's husband since day one (lots and lots of big ideas that he ALWAYS gets dragged into)! I am thankful for my mom and dad, my sister, and my entire extended family (we don't see one another nearly enough). I am thankful that my family is happy and healthy.

I am thankful for this rewarding "job", my friends, and all of the incredible parents and students I get to know and interact with each and every day. I am thankful to hear so many cute and humorous remarks each day (working in a school keeps you young at heart). I am thankful for the great outdoors – biking, hiking, running, boating, rock climbing, etc... I am thankful for National Parks and pristine wilderness. I love to be outside, realizing just how small I am on this big Planet Earth! I am really thankful when we travel somewhere so remote that our phones and devices don't work!

I am still...and always will be...thankful for homemade mashed potatoes, chocolate pie, really good scallops, Cane's chicken, chick fil a sauce, an ice cold Coca-Cola (in a glass bottle), and a Venti Starbucks decaf mocha with extra whip! I am thankful that I don't have to grocery shop (Kevin is our chef and shopper), and I am thankful for the incredible lunches I enjoy here at school each and every day. I am thankful for great movies in theaters with reclining seats (another Star Wars movie is coming soon), old fashioned cartoons (Bugs Bunny and Yogi Bear), funny and family-friendly TV shows (The Middle and The Goldberg's), and football (Thursday night, Saturday, Sunday night, Monday night, and Friday Night Lights High School Football)! I am thankful that my children enjoy hanging out with me (especially since Brady really doesn't have to anymore...I still can't believe he is 18)! I am thankful for traditions (preparing to cut the Christmas tree so we can hang the sentimental ornaments that are getting older and more fragile each year)!

I am thankful for Silver Dollar City over the Holidays (they added 1.5 million more lights) and their yummy skillets and funnel cakes. I am thankful for a snow day or two each year (we haven't had one in quite a while I am told)! I am thankful I get to sleep in every once in a while – not waking up to an alarm! I am thankful for my cat (Smoky) and dog (Princess), too! I am thankful for the seasons (especially when it is 75 and sunny), the stars, the beach, waterfalls, and the mountains! I am thankful that my family loves to travel, to explore, and to try new adventures. I am thankful for fond memories and future dreams.

As I write, I find myself thankful for so much...the little things, the big things, and the simple things!

I wish you a wonderful Holiday thankful each and every day.


'Tis the season to be Thankful! Yesterday we ran our #GivingTuesday campaign and we not only accomplished our goal but went over! In 17 hours we raised $7,300. Our goal was to raise $7,000 in one day to get to half of our overall Annual Fund goal of $100,000. Through the generosity of 26 donors of parents, grandparents, and special friends, we were able to accomplish our goal.

Now we are excited to announce that we have raised $59,986 with 26% Parent Participation! Just imagine how fast we could reach our goal if everyone donated!

Help us give the gift of education to every student at Oakhill Day School this Holiday Season! By giving to the Annual Fund, you will helped provide the funds to enhance and maintain educational programming, the funds needed to provide financial assistance, the funds to support professional development for faculty, and to the funds to maintain our facilities to ensure that your child and every other Oakhill student receives the very best foundation for a lifelong love of learning.

It's not too late to participate and get us to $100,000 and 100% Parent Participation. Now we only have roughly $40,000 left to raise to reach our goal! Come on Oakhill...I know we can do this for our students!


Rebecca DiGerlamo

Each year, Oakhill families refer around 25 to 30 new students and great families to Oakhill Day School. We are so thankful to those families who are happily spreading the word about the education and community they have chosen for their families.

While we continue to grow, we promise to visit our vision and mission with each applicant, provide small and safe classes, and enroll families who support the environment and programs at Oakhill.

Families who choose to share Oakhill receive a gift of our appreciation and $100 to $500 tuition credit through the Ambassador and Referral Program. But, the greatest gift is knowing that you have made a difference in another students educational experience and expanded the community at Oakhill with other great families.

Oakhill families value education and more than likely surround themselves with likeminded people. Our hope is that each family at Oakhill can share with the people in their lives and we want to reward our families for sharing Oakhill!

Prospective parents are beginning to search for the perfect school for their children at a younger age and many students are looking for a better fit as they enter into Lower School and even Middle School. Ways that families can help support and spread the word are easy.

  • Wear Oakhill Spirit Wear
  • Put a decal on your car window or use the license plate covers we have in spirit shop
  • Share and like the Oakhill Day School social media posts
  • Invite family and friends to school events
  • Stop by the Admissions Office for packets, fliers, and books to share with family and friends
  • Ask for referral cards to carry in your wallet or purse. When you talk to someone about schools, hand them a card!
  • Invite friends and family to the upcoming admissions events:
    • Alumni and Parent Mingle, January 4 at 6:00 PM
    • Open House January 20
      • 10 AM to noon for toddler through 3rd (North Building)
      • Noon to 2 PM for 4th through 8th (South Building)

As parents, your thoughts and comments are powerful and we have great appreciation for you taking time to share your school. Thank you for continuing to support Oakhill!

Why choose an independent private education?

By choosing an independent private education, you have the opportunity to choose a school whose philosophy, values, and teaching style fit your child. Independent private schools can also offer your family small class sizes, excellent teachers, and high academic standards.

Oakhill Day School is a place where children discover themselves as learners in a community where they feel valued and known. We invite you to learn more about the active learning that happens here!

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