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Oakhill teachers have the freedom to create a curriculum that engages and challenges each student while also giving them the space to achieve to their highest potential.

Suppose a student is in the Science Lab for the first time in Kindergarten, or an Eighth Grade student is making an impression presenting their year-long capstone project, or a PRIME student is excelling at their first internship. In that case, Oakhill students have the confidence to achieve in any arena.

Our students prepare for a lifetime of learning.

Our small community allows us to include the unique experiences each student and family brings to Oakhill as part of their learning, which makes for an inclusive and warm personal learning environment. Oakhill students learn to love the process of learning while developing resilience to excel at any academic level.


  • ODS faculty members have more than 20 years of teaching experience.
  • Student-faculty ratio:
    • 8:1 in 18-Month and Toddler (age 2-3)
    • 9:1 in Preschool and Prekindergarten
    • 15:1 Kindergarten
    • 16:1 First-Eighth Grade
  • Average Class Size is 12 students


Oakhill Flex Virtual Learning

In addition to full-time, in-person learning, Oakhill offers a Flex program for families who want to complete their Oakhill studies from anywhere! Our goal is to provide the traditional Oakhill Day School curriculum as self-paced modules facilitated by Oakhill Staff to support the students' families. This Learning Coordinator will offer tools and resources to augment instruction and track mastery and progress along the way.

Flex is:

  • Virtual Learning
  • Same Oakhill Curriculum as Classroom
  • Directed by Oakhill Teachers
  • Flexible (Part-time/Full-time Options)
  • For students in Grades 1 - 8

Who would benefit from Flex? 

  • Families who travel
  • Student athletes, dancers, or have other activities of interest
  • Students in transition
  • Anyone who wants the freedom to learn at their own pace!

Virtual Learning Blog

Flex Contact

Joy Jackson

Middle School Communication Arts Teacher

I need help finding a virtual learning program!

Virtual learning is not for every family but it can be helpful for families in flux or have students who are better suited to learn outside of the traditional classroom. As you begin your search, let us help you. Below you can request our guide to choosing a virtual learning program. This guide will help you ask the right questions when searching for a unique e-learning program for your child.



Virtual Learning E-book

This type of learning has advantages and disadvantages. For us, the advantage is knowing exactly where our daughter excels and where she falls short- and adjusting curriculum to challenge but not overwhelm her. Shayna, mother of remote learner

Oakhill Flex is part of the Oakhill family, and our mission remains the same: to be a community where students are challenged, known, valued, and inspired to be their best self, no matter where they are.



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