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Middle School students in Sixth through Eighth grades are entering a new world of changes – mental, physical, emotional, and social.

Our program reflects an environment unique to the needs of the students by offering electives, advisory, student government, honors programs, service learning, and increased responsibilities. Block schedules foster a flexible, yet productive classroom, allowing the use of departmentalized teachers, diligent at integrating all subject areas.  This challenging and respectful environment encourages them to explore, be well rounded, and to embrace new life experiences while preparing them for advanced placement in high school and beyond. 

Middle School Science Class

Mission Possible

The Mission Possible Projects, or MPP Presentations, are Oakhill's version of a capstone project that Oakhill Eighth Grade students work on throughout their final year of middle school. These projects challenge the students to think critically as they research, communicate with, and serve an organization that has an impact on them and the greater community.

Students present their final projects to an audience of their peers, school faculty and staff, and parents at the end of the academic year.


Middle School Class


Some of the researched organizations include:

  • The Children's Bureau
  • National Parks Service
  • NephCure Kidney International
  • Miles of Smiles
  • Doctors Without Borders
  • Human Rights Campaign
  • Synergy Services
  • National Future Farmers of America




Middle School Curriculum

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Oakhill’s Middle School teaches the whole child.  We have strong academic programs where students are pushed to reach their potential. Plus, teachers meet the students’ emotional needs, which is vital, especially during this period of rapid growth and change in their minds and bodies.

Middle School Staff

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Ann Bertoldie

Ann Bertoldie

MS Communication Arts Teacher
Jared Cole

Jared Cole

MS Science Teacher
Alexander Dickey

Alexander Dickey

MS Teacher, US Science Lab
Barbara Ely

Barbara Ely

EC & MS Music Teacher

The mission of the Middle School Division at Oakhill Day School is to provide relevant curriculum that produces student leaders. The small environment nurtures the growth of relationships that are vital to adolescent development and active engagement in the classroom. Oakhill graduates are equipped with the tools to succeed.