Upper School

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Welcome to Upper School at Oakhill!

Oakhill's Upper School Program, which we nicknamed PRIME, is a student-centered academic program for children entering grades 9-12. Oakhill utilizes the student's interests and aspirations to drive their experiences and mentorships throughout the program, academically preparing students with future-ready skills for tomorrow's workplace.

No two Upper School students will have the same learning path, making each student's high school experience as unique as the student!


What is PRIME?

You keep hearing us refer to our Upper School program as PRIME. But what does PRIME mean to Oakhill?


Each student has a unique set of strengths and challenges and deserves to learn in a way that they will best succeed. We will work with each family to set goals for the student prepping them for success in the classroom and the world.


Oakhill believes that PRIME student learning should be passion-driven, even if the student does not yet know the direction of their path. With the PRIME program's flexibility of academic options, students have the freedom to explore and learn through experience as they build a deeper foundation of knowledge.


The classroom is just one small piece of PRIME experience. Delivery of core subjects in the classroom are enhanced by an addition of technology centered academic offerings while Upper School staff guides students through our career and experiential-based learning processes. Our goal is to foster career and college-ready students.


Oakhill's mission to challenge, know, value, and inspire our students to be their best selves still holds with the Upper School program. These students receive a personalized learning portfolio that focuses on what they need to be successful.

Experiential Education

Part of student success in the Upper School comes from the time spent with mentors in the field. The personalized academic scheduling allows time  for students to shadow, work, and travel to get a hands-on look at the career options that await.