Ambassador Referral Program

YOU are the best representation and spokespersons to what makes Oakhill a special school! The Ambassador Referral Program provides a tuition credit on your account for each new family refer who completes the Oakhill enrollment process.

Thank you for sharing Oakhill!

How it Works

Through word of mouth marketing we can add more great families to the school community – families who look for a partnership, who value education, and who commit to giving their child an educational environment where he or she can grow and develop into a well-rounded individual. In addition to the $500 credit for a 5 Full Day signed contract ($50 per half day), we will track all referrals this school year rewarding those families with the most contacts which come to fruition.

Each school year, Oakhill will track the number of referrals accepted and enrolled by each individual family.

A student will then go through the Admissions Process- the paperwork, the student visit and then hopefully acceptance.


A student must be accepted, enrolled, and active in the school for four months for a family to receive the Ambassador Credit to their Tuition Account and for the family to be tracked for the Referral Program. 

Once a contract is signed- you get a gift from Oakhill!

Top Referrals

During the following school year, the top 5 referrers will be identified and awarded at an Oakhill event, including anyone who has had a successful referral.

More information on the Ambassador Program can be found in the Oakhill Day School Parent Handbook or by contacting the Admissions Office.

Share the path to becoming a Panther to family and friends!

*Please contact the Admissions Office for tuition information if interested in applying for mid-year admissions.