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2023/2024 Oakhill Day School Handbook Acknowledgement

I have received and read the Oakhill Day School Parent Handbook, Athletics handbook, Kids’ Club Handbook, Food Allergy Policy, and Wellness Policy. I understand all the rules and expectations listed therein. I agree to be responsible for following all of the rules and expectations of the school and understand the consequences of failing to follow the requirements.

I understand that these handbooks may be amended during the year without notice. These handbooks, in the latest version, will be available on the school website ( and are applicable to the entire Oakhill Day School community upon the implementation of any change. The administration will notify all parents and students in writing, where possible, of any changes to the handbook as soon as it is practical.

Term Agreement


2023/2024 Oakhill Day School Student Acceptable Use Policy

As the student’s parent, I will help my student follow the above policies.  In addition, I agree to adhere to Oakhill’s Parent Behavior Policy, Oakhill’s Technology Policy, and Oakhill’s Artificial Intelligence Policy.  I give consent to establish online educational accounts for my student and for my student to participate in virtual learning activities which may include one on one tutoring and/or small group work.

Federal law, specifically the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), requires that children under 13 years of age must have verifiable parental consent to use online services that collect personal information. COPPA also permits a school to gather consent from parents on behalf of its students, thus eliminating the need for parents to provide consent and establish accounts individually with each of the service providers.


Term Agreement
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*The Oakhill Day School Parent Handbook is a living document, subject to change throughout the year.