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Convenient pledge payments or one time payment options are available at the bottom of the page under Payment Options.

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I/We understand that this/these gift(s) will be recognized on the basis of both the date and level of this pledge commitment and that any recognition given for this/these gift(s) will be made in accordance with Oakhill Day School's donor recognition policies and procedures. I/We authorize Oakhill Day School to include this/these gift commitment(s) in its internal reports, published materials (including electronic), annual report(s) and/or public releases (by grouped giving level(s) and not by an actual donation amount). Kindly record/recognize this/these gift(s) in the following manor:

Payment Options

Please contact Leslie Gasser at 816.436.6228 to cancel or adjust your recurring donation payment.
I will be paying a charge of $ for months for an overall total of $ for years for an overall total of $ times for an overall total of $ times for an overall total of $ beginning with a charge today of $
Remaining payments will take place between and with the next payment occurring on

You can cancel your subscription by emailing leslie.gasser@oakhilldayschool.org or calling 816-436-6228