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2022/2023 School Year

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I have received a copy of the Oakhill Day School Parent Handbook. I have read the handbook and understand all the rules and expectations. I understand that this handbook may be amended during the year without notice. This handbook, in the latest version, will be available on the school website (oakhilldayschool.org) and is applicable to the entire Oakhill Day School community upon the implementation of any change. The administration will notify all parents and students in writing, where possible, of any changes to the handbook as soon as it is practical. ​​​​​

2022/2023 Student Acceptable Use Agreement

Oakhill Acceptable Use Policy for Students

At Oakhill Day School, we use technology as one way of enhancing the mission to teach the skills, knowledge, and behaviors students will need to succeed in the global community. These technologies may include, but are not limited to, school-issued equipment as well as personal devices.

Oakhill parents and students sign an acceptable use agreement at the start of each school year. Oakhill Day School Administrators will deem what conduct is inappropriate. Actions not in accordance with the Acceptable Use Policy may result in disciplinary action or suspension of technology use.

Acceptable Use Policy 

When I use my device, I agree to be responsible, respectful, and safe. 


  • I will use my device only.
  • I will use my school Google and email account for learning purposes only.
  • I will not associate my school Google account with any personal accounts (pinterest, instagram, twitter, snapchat, etc.)
  • I will not check or use my personal accounts (email, messenger, social media, gaming, etc.) at school.
  • I will stay on task and on school approved websites when using my device at school.
  • I will use school printers for school related purposes and will print only when instructed to do so. 


  • I will only use my device at the appropriate time and when instructed to do so. 
  • I will not allow my device to distract myself or others from learning.  
  • I will not use my device to record (photo or video) others without their consent. 
  • I will not use my device to make inappropriate, discriminatory, harassing or threatening comments.
  • I will comply with all intellectual property laws including applicable copyright laws.


  • I will never use the Internet to search material that is inappropriate for school.  
  • I will never share my passwords or allow others to access my accounts or my device.
  • I will tell my teacher if I suspect my school Google account has been compromised.

I understand that the school network and my school account are the property of Oakhill Day School and anything that I do can be monitored. I understand that Oakhill Day School Administrators will deem what conduct is inappropriate use if such conduct is not specified in this agreement. I understand that using my device during class time is a privilege and for learning purposes only; if I choose not to follow the above expectations, I will lose the ability to use the technology. 

To report suspected violations of the Acceptable Use Policy, please contact abuse@oakhilldayschool.org.

As the student’s parent, I will help my student follow the above policies. In addition, I agree to adhere to Oakhill’s Parent Behavior Policy, Oakhill’s Technology Policy and I give consent to establish online educational accounts for my student and for my student to participate in virtual learning activities which may include one on one tutoring and/or small group work. Federal law, specifically the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), requires that children under 13 years of age must have verifiable parental consent to use online services that collect personal information. COPPA also permits a school to gather consent from parents on behalf of its students, thus eliminating the need for parents to provide consent and establish accounts individually with each of the service providers.​​​