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Grace is May's Kind Kid!

Congratulations to Oakhill 8th grade student Grace on being Mix 93.3 and Commerce Banks Kind Kid of the Month pick for May! Grace was surprised at lunch by radio personality Dave O and Sheliah Stoner from Commerce who presented her with a $250 Visa Gift Card from Commerce Bank, a gift certificate for a pizza party with her class from Pizza Street and a gift certificate from Duck Donuts.

Grace was nominated for her role in organizing a DVD drive this winter for the Cincinnati Children's Hospital. With her leadership, Oakhill was able to collect 771 DVDs for the organization.

Grace with Commerce Bank and Mix 93.3

We're halfway there!

We are working hard in these last few days of school to increase our family participation for Annual Giving. The Annual Fund is an essential piece of our annual budget because it bridges the gap between what you pay in tuition dollars and the actual cost to Oakhill to educate your child. 

At this time, 50% of Oakhill Families have made a gift to the Annual Fund, and we are half way to reaching our goal of $150,000!

Thank you to everyone who has given to the Annual Fund so far. Your generosity has helped us reach $76,066!

We understand that giving looks different for every family.  It doesn't matter if you give $50 or a $50,000 we want you to be 1 of our 100%. To donate today, please visit our Annual Giving page. 

Become 1 of 100%

If you have any questions about Annual Giving or any of the other fundraising we do here at Oakhill, please don't hesitate to ask. Contact Rebecca DiGerlamo

Help the Oakhill Girl Scouts collect used school supplies for ScrapsKC!

As your child begins to clean out their desk/locker/hive for summer, please consider leaving behind those used bottles of glue or run down markers to ScrapsKC, a local organization that uses used supply recycling as a vehicle to help the homeless of Kansas City by providing them volunteer opportunities in exchange for meals and dignity/survival items.

The collection boxes will be available from May 15 - May 24. Feel free to have your child take all of their used items home for sorting and then return them, or let them decide what they want to leave in the box!

Our young Girl Scouts are excited to help their community and thank you for your participation in the supply drive.


Each spring, the middle school spends one morning recognizing the achievements of its students throughout the school year.


Mission Possible Projects

The morning begins with the presentations of the eighth grade Mission Possible Projects, a year-long culmination of service learning, writing, research, and community involvement. These MPPs are the capstone of the Oakhill experience - the opportunity for our students to combine their passions, talents, and all the knowledge they have gained into a single project to share with the entire community. They have the ability to teach and inspire their peers while highlighting their accomplishments to the teachers who guided them through their Oakhill journey. Their hard work is truly impressive to see. This year's projects included Boeing, Oceana, PostSecret, the National Park Service, Polaris, Children's Mercy Hospital, and many other wonderful organizations around the world. All of the presentations have been loaded onto YouTube to be watched and shared.

Watch the 2019 MPPs Now!


Academic Award Ceremony

"Next to excellence is the appreciation of it." - William Makespace Thackery

After the MPP presentations have concluded, the entire middle school gathers in the gym for our annual Academic Awards Ceremony. Teachers from every subject come together to discuss the accomplishments of individuals to be recognized in front of friends and parents. We recognize the gifts each child brings to our school community and how grateful we have been to be a small part of their journey in life. This year's award winners can be viewed below.


Art Award: The Art Award is preset to a 7th or 8th-grade student for excellence in art. This year the award goes to Mary-Kathryn Wert.

PE Award: The PE Award is presented to a 7th or 8th-grade student that participates to the best of their ability on a consistent basis, follows the rules of the sport or game, and is a true team player. This year the award goes to Ryan Dodson.

Science Award: The science award is to be given to a 7th or 8th-grade student for curiosity and determination in scientific investigations. This student lives and breathes science. This year the award goes to Spenser Nash.

Infinity Award: The Infinity Award is presented to a 7th or 8th-grade student who has demonstrated a desire to recognize the incredible opportunities that are created by diversity, kindness, and the richness of culture across our planet. They also strive to provide a 'hand up' and not a hand-out. This year the award goes to Kylee Carlson ad Mary-Kathryn Wert.

Spanish Award: Dedicated to the entire 8th-grade class for their dedication, determination, diligence, inquisitive minds, and bravery in learning a foreign language.

Communication Arts Award: The Communication Arts Award is presented to 7th or 8th-grade students for excellence in Communication Arts. This year the award will be shared. Please congratulate Regan Miller and Ava McNellis.

Yearbook Award: This year a student has actively and enthusiastically participated for all four years of middle school. She was an excellent leader, contributed outstanding ideas, and encouraged others. We are grateful for her commitment and expertise. Please help me in congratulating Madeline Smith.

Math Award: The math award is presented to a 7th or 8th-grade student for excellence in mathematics. This year the award goes to Wain Guo.

Pioneer in Technology Award: According to the dictionary, a pioneer is a person who begins or helps develop something new and then prepares the way for others to follow. From coding to animation to video creation and editing, this year's recipient is always doing something creative and innovative with tech and is always willing to share her work and skills with those around her. Congratulations to Ava Mallams as this year's recipient of The Pioneer In Technology award.

Drama Award: The drama award is presented to a 7th or 8th-grade student for excellence in drama. This year the award is presented to Grace Clark, Addie Kimmerle, and Jonas Beckham.

Music Award: The music award is presented to a 7th or 8th-grade student for excellence in music. This year's award is presented to Mary Kathryn Wert, Addie Kimmerle, and Grace Clark.

Excellence in Social Studies Award: The social studies award is presented to a 7th or 8th-grade student for excellence in Social Studies. This year the award will be shared. Please congratulate Griffin Gregg, Shawn Walden, Ella Kramer, and Izzy Mountjoy.

Leadership Award: These two students were selected for modeling positive student leadership in the classroom, on the court, and beyond. They lead with kindness, respect, gratitude, and the right attitude. This year the leadership award goes to Kylee Carlson and Sam Brown.

Helen Wills Award for Citizenship: To be a good citizen you have to be a good person. That means that you show respect, you have a great attitude, you help others out, you are responsible, and you follow the rules. There are three students who truly live the Oakhill life-skills and are therefore our winners. They are Regan Miller, Carmela Pollina, and Mary-Kathryn Wert.

Panther Pride Award: The Panther Pride Award will be given to a 7th or 8th-grade student or students that have embraced everything Oakhill. This year the Panther Pride Award goes to Ryan Dodson, Emma Dake, and Georgia Carter.

Sunshine Award: We could all do with a little more sunshine in our lives and every day there are people who go above and beyond to brighten the lives of those around them. This year the SUNSHINE AWARD will be shared by two 8th grade students whose infectious smiles light up a room. Congratulations to Mason Brown and Ava Kirkpatrick.

Pleasant Panther Award: Friendly, respectful, lovely, good-natured, agreeable, nice, likable. These are all synonyms of the word pleasant. This year the PLEASANT PANTHER AWARD goes to Nadia Kisela-Mitchell.

Student Athlete Award: The student-athlete award goes to a 7th or 8th-grade student who has shown the ability to maintain excellence in the classroom while positively contributing to their team. This year the award with be shared. Please congratulate Lauren Holloway and Thai Nguyen.

Top Scholar Award: The top scholar award is an award given to a 7th or 8th-grade student for overall academic excellence and strong character. This year the Top Scholar Award goes to Griffin Gregg and Jonas Beckham.

Middle School Cup: We selected these girls for their humility, quiet leadership, and ability to take a tough situation and handle it with grace and dignity. See, over their MS years, these girls have had their medical challenges. The great thing is that they never ever dwelled on them or let them define them. They kept their chins up and continued to make positive contributions by sharing their many talents with our ODS community. They are friends to all and champion the underdog. They stand up for what is right, even when it is not popular. They are wise beyond their years and it is for these reasons we would like to recognize Grace Clark, Julia Holmes, and Ava Mallams as our Faculty Award – the MS Cup – this year.


Other groups recognized: iBuild Showcase finalists, Kansas City Science and Engineering Fair participants, Future City finalists, Presidential Service Award recipients, Recycling team, Quiz Bowl team, MAS Mentors, MathCounts Competition, Math League participants, Missouri Council of Teachers of Mathematics participants, Middle School Choir, Garage Band, Cast and Crew of the Sound of Music, Geography Bee, Debate Team, Scripps Spelling Bee, Student Ambassadors, Student Council, National Junior Honor Society, and Pep Club.


Eat Local this Summer

Oakhill is excited to announce that CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is coming back to Oakhill! We want to help our families EAT LOCAL this summer by providing you the opportunity to become a member of a summer CSA program out of Parkville Missouri!


Let us introduce you to Pearl Family Farm

Pearl Family Farm is a family operation located in Parkville, MO. It was started in 1892 by Dave Pearl. Today, the family raises row crops and vegetables for restaurants for local farmer's markets. We focus on natural and organic type methods of farming to preserve the integrity of the land and provide chemical-free food for customers. Our kids eat from the same fields as our customers.


Why CSA?

CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) members participate in their own food supply by committing to share in the harvest of a local food producer. By joining a CSA, specifically Pearl Farms, you express your support for locally grown, environmentally friendly food, and to the farmers who grow it. A CSA creates a unique relationship between the consumers and the producers–nowadays, not many people actually know the farmer who picked the tomatoes they are eating!

Members purchase shares, signing up for Spring, Summer and Fall crops. Each week from mid-May through mid-October we harvest and distribute the vegetable shares. The variety of produce and bounty depend on the season. At the beginning of the year, quantities tend to be smaller, with a focus on salad mixes and greens. Toward the middle of the season, the variety and quantity is at its greatest.


Simplicity. It works like this.

  • Shares run for 25 weeks beginning the week of May 5th October 8th for $395.
  • $100 deposits are due April 15th (deposits will be deducted from share price) remaining balances are due upon your first pickup.


Pickup site at: Oakhill Day School


Buyers are responsible for arranging that your share is picked up each week. Shares will consist of an average of 6-8 items per week totaling approximately $15 per week cost. Our farm shares should feed a 2-4 person household easily. We commit to do our best, in good faith, to provide shares with a variety of top quality produce for each week of the harvest season.

From time to time you may receive a vegetable that is not familiar to you or that you have not tried before. For more information, contact Chef Justin or download the Registration Form and return it school.


Our advice is, try it! – you might like it.


Download the Summer CSA Sign-up Form

What is the Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund is our annual giving campaign that raises funds to bridge the monetary "gap" between your tuition dollars and the actual cost of educating and Oakhill student. The funds raised through the Annual Fund touch every facet of the school from the classrooms to facilities. Your generosity helps Oakhill cover everything from student technology and curriculum, classroom furniture, facility maintenance, electricity to power the school, and teachers' salaries and professional development. Your Annual Fund dollars from last year even helped Oakhill put the finishing touches on its exciting new Broadcasting Room in the South Campus Building which is available for all student use!

Your donations provide the funds that allow Oakhill to turn vision into reality for each one of its students. This year's goal is set at $150,000 and hope that 100% of Oakhill families will participate to help Oakhill reach the top. Remember, it is not the amount that you give but your participation that counts!

Current Giving Levels:

Excellence $5,000 and up

Head of School $1,000-$4,999

1947 Club $500-$999

Teal/White $200-$499

Friends up to $199

*Ask your employer about matching gifts! 


Help us reach our goal!


Annual Fund over the years!

Summer is Only 1 Month Away! 

What is Oakhill Fully Charged?

We are a camp aimed to create an environment that feels like a vacation every day. Join us and embark on the journey of what a  summer should be. We offer everything from field trips to Worlds of Fun to camp-wide water balloon fights. Oakhill Fully Charged is a place that will create lasting memories between campers and counselors. We continually re-imagine ways to fill your summer with fun and excitement. Oakhill cannot wait to show you how we do summer!

Oakhill Fully Charged groups campers with friends in their age range to maximize how much age-appropriate fun can be had in one day! Our 1st through 8th-grade students leave campus at least once a week to participate in a wide range of activities from zip-lining to trampoline parks. We plan to go to places camps have never gone before. You never know, someplace on your field trip bucket list may be our next destination!

Oakhill wants to personally invite you to the first day of camp, ON US! Our summer kick-off party will be Friday, May 31. Get ready to enjoy a day like no other! Some of the days' activities include a dunk tank and delicious BBQ. This year will be one to remember, so sign-up today!

See you on May 31!



These are our youngest campers, and we take extra special care of this group. We focus on safety, movement, and routine. Our goal is for all campers to be excited and entertained each day. This age group does not miss out on field trips or pool parties, but experiences all kinds of activities at school instead of out in the community. Campers will party each week in pools, complete with sprinklers and water balloon fun.

Field trips to look forward to include Coach Ziggy's P.E Adventures, Mad Science with Mr. Cole, and more!


1st-3rd Grade 

This group of campers travels everywhere together. They will go anywhere from the camp store to Lego Land. As we know here at camp, these campers are still very young, so all of their camp activities are tailored with their ages in mind. They get to experience weekly off-site field trips for the first time!

Field Trips to look forward to are the Kansas City Zoo, Sky Zone, Orange Easel and more! 


4th-8th Grade 

Our top campers are the ones with the most freedom! Being the oldest members of the camp is the most fun a camper can ever have, enjoying all the perks we have to offer. Your camper will get to eat off-site with the purchase of lunch on field trip days. This team is the only group that will have access to Fully Charged Takes Branson adventure! This is an overnight trip that does everything from go-karts to boat rides. Spots fill up fast, so please contact us to sign your camper up!

Filed Trips to look forward to are World's of Fun, Rowdy Ribbits, Breakout KC and more! 


Please contact Taylor Clevenger to sign up or if you have any questions! 

iBuild Competition

Oakhill's 5th graders attended the annual iBuild competition on Thursday, April 18. iBuild was created to bring students from across the Kansas City area together to experience and connect with industry professionals in careers such as craftsmen, architects, engineers, CAD technicians, marketing, accounting, and construction.

Our teams competed against projects from 12 other schools and had 2 of the 6 finalists for best overall greenspace. This is extremely impressive considering that our 5th graders compete against 6th graders. We are so proud all the 5th graders and their projects great job!

The finalists were team Da Green Marshmallows consisting of Grayson Kirkpatrick, Rory Freyermuth, and Tyler Johnson for their green landscape plan. Also for their green landscape plan team, M&M&A, consisting of Mia Flanagan, Madeleine Clark, and Ainsley Pardon was a finalist for best overall greenspace projects. Mia Flanagan, Madeleine Clark, and Ainsley Pardon also won the award for the best landscape project.

We are so excited that our students get to participate in this event every year and proud of their continued accomplishments.

Helping Pay for Tuition

There are many opportunities to help pay a portion of your tuition at Oakhill. From referring Oakhill to friends and family to applying for a private loan, there are a variety of ways to make your tuition dollars go farther.

Here are some of those opportunities:

  • Early Pay Discount
  • Referrals
  • MOST 529 Plan
  • FAST Financial Assistance
  • Sallie Mae Family Education Loans


Early Pay Discount

Did you know that you can pay your 19-20 Tuition for one or multiple children and receive an early pay discount? If it works for your family to pay one payment by July 15, you can receive a 3% discount off your tuition. Families also have the opportunity to make two payments (July 15 and October 15) and receive a 1.5% discount. Both of these early pay discounts are available on your tuition after the deposit is paid.



We know that great families know great families. Oakhill families are great families who value education. Our hope is that you share Oakhill with people in your lives who value education as much as you do, and we want to reward you for sharing your school!

How it works:
If we enroll a 5 full-day student that your family referred, you will receive a $500 credit on your account! In addition to the $500 credit for a 5 full-day signed contract ($50 per half day enrolled), we will track all referrals this school year rewarding those families with the most contacts which come to fruition.

Click here for more information on Oakhill's referral program.


Making the MOST 529 Plan Work for You

Did you know that you can use the MOST 529 Savings Program towards tuition at Oakhill Day School for kindergarten through eighth-grade?

MOST, Missouri's 529 Savings Program, is a "backup plan" to grants and scholarships, derived from the 529 revenue code. There is no minimum to start a 529 account and families with a 529 plan have the ability to save on taxes.

The best part of the program... there are no age, length of time, or income limitations! You could even open an account for yourself if you have plans to go back to school! And this account is a pre-tax way to cover some of your tuition costs each year that your child is an Oakhill student in kindergarten through eighth-grade.

For more information on the MOST 529 program, download their updated brochure, or visit their website at


FAST Financial Assistance

Oakhill awards over $200,000 in financial assistance each school year. Any family may apply and unlike loans, the recipient is not required to pay back these funds. Financial awards are a reduction in tuition fees.

Our Financial Assistance program consists of three steps:

1. Submit a letter of intent.

  • Although the Priority Financial Annual Assistance deadline has passed, we will still accept applications. Please contact the Admissions Office with questions.

2. Complete the FAST application online.

3. Mail both your state and federal tax forms from the previous year.

  • FAST Processing, ISM

1316 North Union Street
Wilmington, DE 19806-2594

*Oakhill utilizes FAST (Financial Assistance for School Tuition) for the entry, processing, and calculation of financial information used by The Financial Assistance Committee to determine need and recommend award amounts. Awards amounts are subject to the availability of funds.


Sallie Mae

The K–12 Family Education Loan goes beyond financial aid, personal savings, or traditional payment plans. This program is available for student in private schools and kindergarten through 12th grade.

The K-12 Family Education Loan offers competitive interest rates. There is no application fee or repayment fees, including the ability to pay off your loan early without penalties. The easy online application only takes about 15 minutes to get a credit result. Sallie Mae offers 3-year repayment terms.

For more information on the Sallie Mae K-12 Family Education Loan, visit their website at


If you have any questions about these opportunities or would like more information, please don't hesitate to reach out - contact the Admissions Office today!

Helen Pouch Memorial Fund Classroom Grant Report

For Claudia Feaster of Missouri, William Boydston Chapter


Narrative of Spending: 

It has been a goal of mine for a few years to add new resources to our Library so that our students can check out electronic books (E-books) and digital audiobooks from our Library.  We have a wide range of reading interests as well as reading levels. In addition to this, students have various preferences on "how" they read ~ whether they listen to an audiobook; read the book electronically on their computer, smartphone, or tablet; or read a good old-fashioned paperbound book.  Up to this point, we have only been able to offer our students actual books, with a few audiobooks on CD available as well. It is going to be wonderful to have more options for our students to read their favorite books.


I am ordering 21 digital audio books, 11 Ebooks, and 3 CD audiobooks.  This will give us 35 new titles in our Library ~ some of these titles we have in book format as well, and some of them are brand new.  This will give our students more formats to choose from and more fun books to read. Our total order comes to $1,042.92 and the $500 from the Helen Pouch Memorial Fund Classroom Grant will help make the whole project possible.  We have some funds in our Library account that will cover the difference in the cost for all of the books. Since I am introducing something new and different with these resources, it is nice to have so many to offer from the start.  It wouldn't be as much fun for them to try it out if I was only able to purchase a handful of new books. This way more students can give them a try and help spread the word.


Narrative of Impact of Grant: 

I love to listen to audiobooks that I download on my phone.  I have the books with me all the time and I especially love listening to them in my car.  I have some CD audiobooks in the Library, but they require access to a CD player and many students don't have that.  It is going to be much more convenient for them to listen to the digital audiobooks. While listening to audiobooks is certainly a wonderful way to enjoy a story, it also serves a greater purpose for students who might struggle with reading a traditional book.  Listening is often more enjoyable for them and they are able to get more from the whole story when they don't have to think about the reading process and their lack of confidence in it. They can just simply enjoy the story and that is such a gift. Listening to an audiobook can also improve their comprehension of the story ~ especially when they listen as well as read the book.  


I have always known and appreciated the benefits of listening to audiobooks and when I had one of my 7th-grade students write me a letter requesting that we have more audiobooks in the Library to help with students who have learning difficulties, I was inspired to complete my goal of adding new the resources.  The opportunity for this grant came along at just the right time and we are so grateful for the money to get this done. These resources will be enjoyed for years to come and will be a pleasure as well as a learning benefit for so many students.


Identify the number of students and the other classrooms in your district (school) that will be impacted by your grant.

I am the Library Coordinator for both Libraries at Oakhill and I teach the 4th-8th-grade Library classes.  I submitted the application for this grant on behalf of all of the students who can use these wonderful resources.  We have 188 students in the 1st through 4th grades this year and these resources will be available to all of them.  We will use the majority of them for our Middle School students since they will be very proficient in using the electronic and digital resources independently. Our classroom teachers will also be able to utilize these books in their classrooms.

Why choose an independent private education?

By choosing an independent private education, you have the opportunity to choose a school whose philosophy, values, and teaching style fit your child. Independent private schools can also offer your family small class sizes, excellent teachers, and high academic standards.

Oakhill Day School is a place where children discover themselves as learners in a community where they feel valued and known. We invite you to learn more about the active learning that happens here!

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