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Winter Weather Reminders

With the looming possibility of winter weather in the coming days, we'd like to take a minute to remind you of Oakhill's procedures for inclement/winter weather.

Snow/Ice Days

It is Oakhill's intent to conduct school on campus each day of the current school calendar unless inclement weather prohibits safe travel to and from the school building. Once we are in school we will remain in school according to the full-day schedule. Kids' Club and after school classes and clubs will continue as planned unless notified otherwise. Evening events will not automatically be canceled. Please watch the website for information regarding evening program cancellations. Snow and ice days are not made up throughout the year, nor are credits given for lunches.

Parents ultimately make the final decision on your student's school attendance. If in your judgment you do not feel safe transporting your student(s) to school, you have the right not to. In that event, please contact the school to let us know your student(s) will not be attending. As a parent, you also have the right to sign your student(s) out early due to weather conditions.

When inclement weather is predicted, suspected or imminent, the following procedures will be implemented.

  • During inclement weather, it is best to check in this order: 1) check the website; 2) call the school at 816-436-6228; 3) Check Facebook /Twitter; and 4) watch the morning news stations, prior to leaving home if you have a long drive and doubt whether school will be open.
  • Every effort is made to call off school as early as possible. Snow days will be called by the Head of School with the safety of students, parents, and its employees as the number one priority. Although we will not follow North Kansas City, Liberty, and Park Hill closing, their decision to close will be a factor as the decision is being made.
  • There may be days we have a delayed start time to allow road conditions to improve. Always check the website or call the school to be aware of such a delay. In such an instance, car line will run during the following times:  
    • 9:40-10:00 for Lower School and Intermediate (grades K-5)
    • 10:00-10:20 - for Early Childhood and Middle School (grades Pretoddler to Prekindergarten and Grades 6-8).
    • AM Kids' Club will not be available before a late start  

Days when snow is on the ground and school is in session: Please send snow gear – boots, snow pants, coats, gloves etc. for the recess and gym time on a day in which the temperature and conditions allow for fun in the snow.

Other School Closures

There are times when it is not safe to have students at the physical building. Such events include, but are not limited to, epidemics, pandemics, state-mandated closures, loss of power, or other unforeseen incidents (Acts of God) that occur to prevent us from using the building. During these times, Oakhill Day School may need to close the facilities until it can be safely re-opened.

Oakhill Day School reserves the right to alter the school calendar or switch to our distance learning plan during prolonged school building closures with no remission of tuition fees.  

Stay warm... winter weather is here!

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AMLE20 Contest TOP FOUR Finalist Cooper Riddle

One of the ways we, as middle school educators, stay relevant is by joining AMLE (Association of Middle Level Education) each year. The association provides a wealth of resources such as a monthly publication that includes helpful articles, hold webinars and conferences specific to this age group, and post professional blogs and podcasts.

A few weeks ago I ran across an announcement from AMLE:

Do you know a student that has that special knack for telling a great story, seeing the good in others and is eager to be in the spotlight? AMLE, in conjunction with @revenue and partners, is proud to announce the Student Social Media Influencer Competition!

We will be selecting one student to be our social media influencer at AMLE20, Oct 23-25, 2020. The student influencer will add their voice to the conference by creating social media videos, posts, and conversations and will receive a wealth of knowledge on social media as a career field and benefits including:

  • Training how to safely and effectively use social media from experts including Sprout Social (one of the largest social media companies in the country) and current Social Media Influencers,

  • A professional social media set up

  • A video package that can be used in future college applications

  • A lot of fun, a little fame and some great skills to take with them

What are we looking for in a student influencer?

  • Articulate and motivated

  • Creative and tech savvy

  • Interested in social media and potentially theater and writing

  • Personable and engages with a broad range of fellow students with similar and different interests as their own

  • Assertive in a way that isn't bullying but they get their point across

What will they learn?

Social Media is one career field that did not suffer during the pandemic. Crazy, but true! This exciting opportunity is taking FUN and applying communication skills, creativity, and the sparkle of social media and turning it into a view of what their future could hold. We will be working with some of the leaders in social media education and special influencers to give these students not only a glimpse at what this industry can offer (beyond TikTok fame) but how to use it responsibly to tell powerful stories. Students will learn:

  • How to make engaging social media video, posts, designs, and concepts

  • How to leverage social media as a platform for change

  • What a career in professional media can hold for their future

  • Safety & responsibility for today's social world

What do they need to apply?

We will be requesting the following items from applicants:

  • A 90-second video about why they would make a good influencer

  • A 300-word essay about a teacher that has had a big impact on their life

Finalists will be selected by October 10 and the winner will be selected on October 13.

I immediately thought COOPER RIDDLE! It took little time to get Cooper onboard and assemble his amazing support team (Mom, Ms. Jackson, and Mrs. Verwers). In no time his essay was written (an glowing tribute to Mr. Fernandez) and his 90-second video was complete. 

There ended up being a total of 18 students from across the country who were nominated. I am so pleased to announce that Cooper has made it as a TOP FOUR Finalist! We could not be prouder! If he takes the top spot he will be the social media influencer at the AMLE20 National Conference, October 23-25.

Fingers crossed, but win or lose, Cooper will always be a star in our eyes!

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Recap of this week's PTO Coffee

For our first PTO Coffee of the year, Maggie Chandler, Oakhill Wellness Counselor, introduced her role and the ways she is working with students, faculty, and families. Be sure to take some time to watch and/or listen! We are so happy to have her here at Oakhill!

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2020 Halloween Festivities

We are excited to invite parents to join us for the 2020 Halloween Parade taking place on Friday, October 30. While we hope that you join us, we need you to refrain from handing out candy. Students will receive a treat bag when they get back to their classrooms. As you know, we are taking the health of our students and families seriously, so we will need you to social distance from one another and the students walking in the parade. Masks are required if you are unable to social distance.

Parade route information will be shared the week of Halloween. While the route will be outside, around the school, we want to take into account the weather conditions before making a final decision.

Questions? Contact Maggie Newhouse


Early Childhood

  • Parade Time:

    • 9:00 - Crouse

    • 9:05 - Lafferty

    • 9:10 - Tenner

    • 9:15 - Ferris

    • 9:20 - Trager

    • 9:25 - Holloway

    • 9:30 - Robbins

    • 9:35 - Zdvorak

Lower School

  • Parade Time:

    • 2:00 - Clevenger

    • 2:03 - Pearce

    • 2:06 - Driskill

    • 2:09 - Egbert

    • 2:12 - Manley

    • 2:15 - Craven

    • 2:18 - Forsen

    • 2:21 - Hadel

    • 2:24 - Scheidecker


  • Parade Time:

    • 2:00 - Boyd (4th)

    • 2:03 - Vinson (4th)

    • 2:06 - Hall (5th)

    • 2:09 - Henshaw (5th)

Middle School

  • Parade Time:

    • 2:15 - Bertoldie (6th)

    • 2:18 - Fernandez (6th)

    • 2:21 - Verwers (7th)

    • 2:24 - WalkerHolmes (7th)

    • 2:27 - Jackson (8th)

    • 2:30 - Kleyh (8th)

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The Book Fair is Virtual(ly) Here!

Transport to another place in time with a great book from the 2020 fall Scholastic Book Fair. This year's fair will be completely virtual and will have book offerings for PT - 8th Grade!

The fair will be open online from: October 19 - November 1

To get us into the Book Fair mood, we are having a spirit week to go along with this year's theme. Be sure to come to school dressed up! The classes who have 100% participation each day will get a prize!

  • Friday, October 16 - Back to the 60's
  • Monday, October 19 - Back to the 70's
  • Tuesday, October 20 - Back to the 80's
  • Wednesday, October 21 - Back to Bed (PJ's from the 90's and 2000's)
  • Thursday, October 22 - Back to the Future

Did you know that the proceeds from the Scholastic Book Fairs go towards the purchase of books for our library and our STEM gear like robots and augmented reality tools? We would not be able to purchase those things without the help of Scholastic and most importantly... YOU!

Shop Now!

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Halloween Plans are in the Works!

Can you believe it is the end of September already? The Halloween celebrations are already in the works by our fantastic room parents. 

A few things to note:

  • We will still have parades for our students that day. We are asking parents to meet us outside for the parade.  Early Childhood will have staggered start times beginning at 9:00.  Lower School, Intermediate and Middle School will start at 2:00, also with staggered times. Details about the parade route will be sent out closer to the date.
  • Room parents will be contacting you about providing items for those parties soon. Be on the lookout for how you will be able to help from a distance.
  • As you are getting your costumes ready, please know that a costume mask is not a replacement for a face mask. Face masks will still need to be worn.

Questions? Contact Maggie Newhouse.

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2020 Scripps Spelling Bee

Dear Families,

Oakhill is excited to announce the return of the Scripps Spelling Bee this year. Scripps National Spelling Bee has helped students improve their spelling, increase their vocabularies, learn concepts, and develop correct English usage for over 90 years. Participation in the Scripps Bee is open to students in Grades 1-8. Scripps and Oakhill are both prepared to make this year's experience safe and successful. 

Click here to view specific details on Eligibility Criteria

The timeline for the Scripps Spelling Bee is as follows:

September 25: Grade Level Spelling Word Lists, Great Words, Great Works book lists, and information regarding rules and study tips will be sent home with students.

*Due to Scripps Spelling Bee Rules, the word lists cannot be sent electronically. A printed copy will be sent home in your child's backpack. Additional copies of grade level word lists and the full 2020 Classroom Spelling Bee Study Lists are available by request.

Download 2020 Spelling Bee Rules

October 26-29: Classroom Spelling Bees

Your child's teacher will send home the date of their mini classroom bee so your child can prepare. The winner from each first-eighth-grade classroom will move on to the School-Wide Spelling Bee. Classroom bee participants will receive a certificate to commemorate their participation in the bee. The classroom runner-up will be an alternate should the winner be unable to compete in the school-wide bee.

November 17: Oakhill Day School Spelling Bee @4:30 PM

The winning spellers from the first-eighth-grades will compete for the title of Oakhill Day School Spelling Bee Champion. The winner will receive a personalized trophy and an invitation to proceed to the Jackson-Clay County Spelling Bee. All other participants will receive a medal to commemorate their participation as classroom winners. More information will be provided as this event approaches.

February 27: The Oakhill school champion will participate in at least one round of the Jackson-Clay County Semifinal Spelling Bee. More information will be provided as this local spelling bee determines how it will be conducted.

March 13: If the school winner successfully competes in the semifinal bee, they will compete in the Jackson-Clay County Championship Bee at Midwest Genealogy Center. The winner of this bee will proceed to the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C. in June.


How to Prepare

  • We encourage every student to prepare for participation in the Classroom Spelling Bee. Your child should study their grade level list that will be sent home on September 25, but can ask for the complete school spelling bee study list as another study tool. Classroom bees will include words from the grade level study list, but may include words from other grade level lists if individuals in the classroom are spelling grade level words correctly. Classroom bees will continually advance into the next list until a classroom winner is determined. The classroom winner from each 1st-8th grade classroom will compete in the school-wide spelling bee on November 17.
  • This year, all of the words from the Scripps 2020 School Spelling Bee Study List will be taken from engaging, grade-appropriate books, allowing your students to get to know these words in the context of great stories. You can view them on the Great Words, Great Works Book List.

Great Words, Great Works Book List 

  • Visit the Scripps Spelling Bee website to find parent/student resources and study tips.
  • Get a head start preparing for the district and regional bees through the Scripp's new app, Word Club. With the Word Club app for mobile devices and tablets, your child can have fun while mastering the 2021 Words of the Champions.
  • Once students have mastered their grade-specific words provided, they can move on to the full 2020 School Spelling Bee Study List available by request.
  • You can visit the Scripps website to find any of the above information at

If you have any questions about the bee or how to prepare your student for Scripps, please feel free to contact your child's teacher or Kristin Forsen, Spelling Bee Chair.


Kristin Forsen and the Oakhill Day School Spelling Committee

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Why choose an independent private education?

By choosing an independent private education, you have the opportunity to choose a school whose philosophy, values, and teaching style fit your child. Independent private schools can also offer your family small class sizes, excellent teachers, and high academic standards.

Oakhill Day School is a place where children discover themselves as learners in a community where they feel valued and known. We invite you to learn more about the active learning that happens here!

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