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Oakhill Panthers - Track and Field Team - PLKC City Champions (Small School Division)

Parochial League City Championship Meet - 1st Place (City Champions - Small School Division)

Congratulations to the Oakhill Panthers 4th - 8th Grade Track & Field Team on their 1st Place finish in the Small School Division at the Parochial League Track & Field City Championship Meet on Saturday, May 1st! 

We are proud of you Panthers!

PLKC - City Championship - Small School Team Scores (Boys/Girls)

  • 1st Place - Oakhill Day School (63 Total Points Scored)

  • 2nd Place - St. Regis (30.5 Total Points Scored)

  • 3rd Place - St. Joseph Catholic Schools (21 Total Points Scored)

Oakhill Panthers - Top 10 Finishers - Parochial League - City Championship Meet

Congratulations on a great season Panthers! We are proud of you and all the hard work you put in the spring!


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Ready to get Fully Charged?

The time is Now: Oakhill Fully Charged

It's now or never for our Oakhill Fully Charged Summer Camp program. Some classes are already full and many only have a few spots remaining. This summer will be a breath of fresh air for all our campers as they can come and enjoy summer how it's supposed to be. We are finishing up our field trip locations along with our full camp handbook and it will be sent out/posted soon. Like we said above it's really now or never, so sign up today! 


What is Oakhill Fully Charged?

We are a camp that aims to create an environment that feels like a vacation every day. Join us and embark on the journey of what a summer should be. We offer everything from field trips to Rowdy Ribbits to camp-wide water balloon fights. Oakhill Fully Charged is a place that will create lasting memories between campers and counselors. We continually re-imagine ways to fill your summer with fun and excitement. Oakhill cannot wait to show you how we do summer!

Oakhill Fully Charged groups campers with friends in their age range to maximize how much age-appropriate fun can be had in one day! Our 1st through 8th-grade campers leave campus at least once a week to participate in a wide range of activities from zip-lining to trampoline parks. We plan to go places camps have never gone before. You never know, someplace on your field trip bucket list may be our next destination!

Our Toddler-Kindergarten campers have field trips that come to camp like Kona Ice or the Zoo! They also have pool days every Friday and participate in a variety of themed activities throughout the week. This is a place where every day will be a new adventure! 


When is Oakhill Fully Charged?

June 7th-August 6th

Our camp is open from 8:30-3:30 with the option to sign up for Kids' Club from 7:30-5:00 pm. 

Who can come to camp? 

We are excited to be open for Oakhill and non-Oakhill campers! If you have a friend or a sibling who does not come to school they are more than welcome this summer! 

How much does camp cost? 

  • All-Inclusive: $255 per week (Includes Kids' Club 7:30-5:00pm)
  • Full Week: $225 per week (8:30-3:30)
  • Daily Drop-In: $60 per day 
  • Kids' Club Drop-In: $10 per day 
  • Lunch $5 per day
  • Swimming lessons $100 per 2-week session

What does our summer camp have to offer? 

  • Low camper to staff ratio
  • Morning and afternoon Kids' Club
  • Camp open for anyone 2 years old through 8th grade
  • The Camp Store
  • The best field trips ever

Registration is now open, please use the link below to sign up for the Best Summer Ever!


We will see you on June 7th!

Questions? Please contact Taylor Clevenger


Register for the Best Summer Ever!

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Changes Coming

We enjoyed the Acorn Day Celebration last week! It was the FIRST time in a year that we were all together in one place... outside... distanced... TOGETHER! It was amazing to see! This celebration kicks off many end of year traditions to come - I love May and all that it brings!

This is also the time of year when faculty and staff begin to think about the coming August...the new school year! It is always bittersweet; plans are made, paths are chosen, and new challenges and opportunities embraced. No matter how hard change can be, it is healthy for a school and a catalyst for constant growth. 

Maria Zdvorak has worn many hats at Oakhill over the past 12 years; she has taught Early Learners, Prekindergarten, Library, and Pretoddler, and she has been a part of the summer program for many years. We were fortunate to watch her daughter, Mia, grow up at Oakhill, as well. As Maria said, "Mia spread her wings after 8th grade graduation, and I feel it is time for me to do the same." We will miss her, and we wish her the very best!

Britni Kalbfleisch has been an integral part of Oakhill this year, and I am happy to announce that Britni will be the Pretoddler Lead Teacher next year. Britni comes to this position with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and a minor in Juvenile Justice from Missouri Southern State University (an aspiring Social Worker). She also spent time working to care for the daily needs of children in family homes, foster placements, and adoptive homes, as well as volunteering at Synergy Services, Parkville Women's Clinic, KU Med Center, and more. I will selfishly miss her versatility in her current role, but I know she will give her all as a Pretoddler Teacher with love, care, and nurturement. 

Janet Holloway has been on faculty at Oakhill for 8 years, and a parent at Oakhill much longer! She has made the decision to step down as lead teacher of the Toddler classroom, but is open to the possibility of a teaching assistant next year. Janet looks forward to more flexibility as she navigates life with two busy teenage daughters at home. Janet will be missed in her role, and I am excited about the possibility of having her stay at Oakhill in some capacity. We enjoyed watching Janet's two girls grow up at Oakhill and are proud to call both alums of ODS!

Erin Stout will come on board as our new Toddler Teacher next school year. Erin comes to us with a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education along with an Elementary Education Endorsement from Central Missouri State University. She also has a Master in Education in Curriculum & Instruction with specialization in creative arts. Erin has taught PK for 6 years, Preschool for 1 year, and Kindergarten for 5 years. Erin is "excited to be part of the Oakhill staff and to be surrounded by the positive energy that you feel when you enter the school". Erin is married to Chris who works for Hope Faith in homeless veteran services. She has 4 children (ranging from a 3rd grader to a 21 year old) and enjoys watching the Chiefs and Royals, traveling, and being with family and friends. 

Kylie Dennett has spent the last 10 years assisting Ms. Robbins in the Toddler classroom. She has loved her role helping the Toddlers grow and develop, but has decided to spend more time with her own children while embracing new opportunities. Kylie's love for this age, her calmness, and her good heartedness will be missed. We wish her the best in this new chapter of her life. It has been an honor to watch Kylie grow in her position and to watch her own child grow up at Oakhill. 

Kinsi Walker has chosen a new path for the coming year...more like a road! She has spent the last 3 years assisting in the Pretoddler classroom, helping our "babies" grow! Kinsi, her sister Kylie, and her mom have exciting things planned; rolling out a new mobile vintage shop called Offbeat Goods. We will miss her and her wonderful children, but I know fun times are ahead on this new adventure! 

Dena Cole and Jared Cole embraced their roles as Remote Learning Teachers this year due to Covid. They enjoyed the one on one relationships built this year through remote teaching, and their mentoring and guidance has helped many of our students succeed during this time. Our Lower School teachers stepped up to integrate Science into their normal schedule this year. I am excited to say that Dena Cole will return next year to teach Kindergarten and 1st Grade Science. Jaci Ebert (Henshaw) who has taught 4th and 5th grade Science this year will now teach 2nd-5th grade Science. And, Jared Cole will now teach 6th-8th grade Science next year replacing Chris Fernandez who had planned to leave this year to pursue a medical career, but due to the pandemic agreed to stay on for the 20/21 school year! Although I will miss Chris' energy and enthusiasm, I am happy for him as he follows his dreams! I am excited to have our Science Team in place for next year!

Kids' Perfect Day Out (our new Parents' Day Out program) will begin this August. Amy Clevenger has chosen to lead this new program; she is excited about something new, AND she is excited about sharing this new program with anyone who will listen. Amy has spent the last 14 years teaching both Prekindergarten and Kindergarten. Although we will miss her in the classroom, she is the right person to build this program from the ground up! Amy will also be helping supervise Kids' Club in the fall so she will still get to hang out with all of her Kindergarten aged friends!

Marcy Driskill will head back to Kindergarten in August. I can't thank Marcy enough for her willingness to move from Kindergarten to 1st Grade this year due to enrollment; she has done a fabulous job with her teammates Jodi and Lisa leading the way. With 1st Grade going back to two sections, she is happy to go back to Kindergarten where she has taught for the past 15 years, and she is excited to work with Laura Pearce again! We are fortunate to have Marcy's wisdom and expertise in the Lower School!

Cathy Bernholtz, aka Nurse Cathy, has spent the last 17 years at Oakhill - taking care of all of us! Not only is she our nurse, but she is so much more - the school's purchaser, supply coordinator, decor expert, and emergency substitute! This year, she has been the Covid Coordinator - a role that she embraced - a role that challenged her in a good way! I don't know what we would have done without her! She is truly irreplaceable.

Here is a message from Nurse Cathy:

Back in August, I never thought that I would be telling my Oakhill family that I would be leaving at the end of this school year and not returning for the 2021/2022 school year. It is difficult to imagine myself anywhere but Oakhill, but I am finding myself needed elsewhere that involves my family business. Oakhill has been that place I call home for the last 17 years. So many memories, all of the friendships that developed, and of course the KIDDOS will forever be a part of me. I will miss each and every one of you. My husband keeps telling me that the only regrets in life are the roads not traveled.  I sure am glad that I followed the road that led me to Oakhill and yet I am uncertain, but excited, about this road he is leading me to.

Jan Carter has been a parent at Oakhill for 14 years, and has filled the important role in the South Building for the past 5. With her youngest graduating from Oakhill this year, she is choosing to cut back to one day a week to spend more time with her three very busy high school children (and husband)! I am thrilled Jan is staying on board - her dedication and commitment to Oakhill is unmatched!

I strive to keep everyone informed, and I will share more personnel changes in mid-May. 

I appreciate your continued support and trust,


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National Spanish Exam Results

In March of 2020 and 2021, a small group of students elected to take the National Spanish Exams. The National Spanish Examinations are standards-based assessments that evaluate both content standards (what a student knows) and performance standards (what a student is able to do) over various levels of secondary instruction. There are two sections to the test. The achievement section assesses content standards through specifications for vocabulary and specifications for grammar. The proficiency section of the test assesses performance standards as defined by the National Spanish Examination Proficiency Levels. This section assesses Interpretive Communication: both reading comprehension and listening comprehension. 

Due to the pandemic and transition to virtual schooling, the testing window in 2020 was extended until June and Oakhill did not receive official results until after we received the results for the 2021 tests.

Last year, the following students took the exams and received placement awards in their categories. This test was optional for 6th and 7th graders and required for 8th graders. 

2020 Results

2020 - Level Pre-01

  • Elise Carter - Bronce award
  • Olivia Masoner - Bronce award
  • Natalie Peterson - Bronce award
  • Brady Fox - Bronce award
  • Jack Wennen - Honor
  • Gioncarlo Moreno Magnum - Plata

2020 - Level 01

  • Drew Clawson - Honor

2020 - Level 1

  • Carter Egbert - Honor
  • Cole Southard - Honor
  • Jonas Beckham - Honor
  • Nura Henok - Honor

2021 Results

6 Students in First through 3rd grade participated in the Division A challenge. This Division was for students who were new to Spanish (in grades 1-3); and only had Spanish exposure within the classroom. 

  • Third Graders: Luke Rule scored Outstanding with a score between 75-100. 

  • Third Graders Reese Boyd, Elizabeth Ennis, Second Grader Gabriel Graham, and First grader Annabelle Calvert earned Excellent Achievement with scores between 50-74. 
  • First Grader Abigail White earned an honorable mention for her participation. Way to go! 

14 students in Fourth through 6th grade participated in the Division B challenge. This Division was for students who were new to Spanish (in grades 4-6), only had Spanish exposure within the classroom, or were in a strictly oral program. 

These students scored Excellent with results between 75-109

  • Fourth Graders: Liliana Calvert, Kinsley Davis, Camden Egbert, Elise Eggers, Mohamed Khalif, Brooklyn Kumar (107), Berke Somasegaran, and Alex Tomeldan
  • Fifth Graders: Truman Gregg,  Jacob Songer,
  • Sixth Grader: Ralf Pollina (he scored 109)

These students scored Outstanding with results between 110-150

  • Fourth Grader: Maya Fleck
  • Sixth Graders: Serena Doumit & Andy Phung
  • Phillip Shekleton also earned an honorable mention for his participation in the National Spanish Challenge. Way to go! 

In 2021 the National Spanish Exam was again optional for 7th Graders and required for all 8th Graders. Please note that the basic test level for 2021 was 1-2 levels higher than the 2020 test.

2021 - Level 1 

  • Elise Carter - Honor
  • Drew Clawson - Bronce
  • Alexa Doumit - Bronce
  • Viet Nguyen - Honor
  • Lucy Rule - Honor
  • Benedict Yager - Honor

Great job to everyone who participated! 


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The Book Fair is Coming to Oakhill!

We're so excited to share that the Oakhill libraries will be hosting a small, in person book fair during the lower school and middle school Parents Tea! Shopping will also be available online from April 28-May 11 at Early Childhood families are encouraged to shop virtually! Money raised from the book fair allows the libraries to purchase books, technology and other equipment to help students in their journey to become lifelong readers and learners, innovators and creators! Thank you so much for supporting Oakhill's libraries and our Techbrary classes! 


Shop the Book Fair Online!

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We're having a party!

Please join us for a party on May 17 to celebrate Nurse Cathy and all she's done for Oakhill over the past 17 years! Her kind and gentle spirit in the Health Office has been an asset to the Oakhill community and we want every ODS family to have the opportunity to wish her well as she moves on to a new adventure. 

Nurse Cathy Farewell Party

Monday, May 17

3:30 PM - 5:30 PM

Open House

Main Campus Building - Front Lawn

Nurse Cathy Farewell Invite


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2021-2022 Foreign Exchange Student Program

Your Admissions Office is excited to welcome back Faces and our Cultures to Oakhill! We are happy to share with you that we will again welcome Guatemalan students to campus again this fall. These young participants spend nearly two months living with a host family while attending classes and participating in extracurricular activities at Oakhill. The program has led to wonderful friendships and has provided all Oakhill students and our Guatemalan guests with valuable cultural experiences.

In order to participate in the Faces Program, Guatemalan students apply to be Cultural Ambassadors of their country and are carefully selected by the Faces & Our Cultures Team. They go through a preparation process during the year and also prepare cultural projects to share with their host family and school.

This fall, our young cultural ambassadors will arrive October 16, stay with their Oakhill host families and join our school community for the following 8 weeks, departing for home December 9. Students that come to Oakhill are middle school aged BUT any family is welcome to host a student!

If yuu are interested in hosting, and participating in this life-enriching experience, you can contact Dot Beckham, or Torene Genovese, our State Coordinator with Faces. You can also complete this link, letting them know if you would like to receive more information.

Become a Host Family in 2021!

Faces and Our Cultures is an 8-week cultural exchange program from Guatemala. Each year, Faces sends approximately 175 Guatemalan students ages 10-18 to the United States, into 13 states and 100 schools. Faces & Our Cultures has proven to Oakhill that their program is enriching, not only for the students who visit our school but also for Oakhill students, staff, and our entire school community. The program has led to wonderful friendships and has provided our students and our Guatemalan guests with valuable cultural experiences. 

In order to participate in the Faces program, Guatemalan students apply to be Cultural Ambassadors from their country and are carefully selected by the Faces & Our Cultures team. They go through an orientation process during the academic year and also prepare cultural projects to share with their host family and school.

Although no students are heading to the United States as part of the program this year, we would love to talk to you about being a host family for the 21-22 school year! We encourage families from all grades to consider hosting.

Faces and Our Cultures will be hosting a webinar next week to share more information on the upcoming school year. 


Wednesday, October 21st 

 6:00 p.m. CT

Attend the Webinar


  (The 45-minute webinar will cover general information about the three programs: Summer 2021, Fall 2021, and the new Community Service program)  

·  Fall Program (hosting) October-December 2021

·  Summer Program in Guatemala, 2-4 weeks, June or July 2021

·  Community Service Program, July 2021

Attendees are welcome to Register Here    


If you are interested in hosting a student and participating in this life-enriching experience, please contact Dorothy Beckham to learn more! We are excited to have exchange students back on campus this fall!

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PTO Executive Board - 2021-2022

The Oakhill PTO is proud to announce the members of the Executive Board.

President: Michelle Shekleton

President Elect: Tammy Wright

Vice-President: Courtney Johnson

Secretary: Sara Ennis

Treasurer: Shari Fox

Room Parent Coordinator: Ashley Williams

Teacher Appreciation Chairs: Miralda Moreno and Eric Mangum


The liaisons for each division will be:

Early Childhood: Ali Mordhorst

Lower School: Amanda Baldwin and Jenny Julian

Intermediate: Julie Rule

Middle School: Michele Yager

The Oakhill PTO welcomes Sara Ennis to the Executive Board. On behalf of the PTO, we offer her a warm welcome and huge thank-you for taking on this role and joining the existing dynamic group of volunteers.  At the end of this current school year, our exiting Executive Board member includes: Mick Freyermuth (President). Thank you for your service and commitment to Oakhill, Mick!

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We know that great families know great families. Oakhill families are great families who value education. Our hope is that you share Oakhill with people in your lives who value education as much as you do, and we want to reward you for sharing your school!

We had 11 families share Oakhill last year with families who were looking to make a start or a change in their child(ren)'s education AND some of the families that they had shared with enrolled! Those families not only received a small gift and thank you from Admissions but also a tuition credit towards their account.  

How it works:

Share with families about Oakhill! It's a perfect time for all families to take a tour, learn more, and start the admissions process. We are excited to show them Oakhill in action!

They document. Encourage them to list you on their student's application(s) as a referral. This allows Admissions to thank you for spreading the word!

Get the credit. If we enroll a 5 full-day student that your family referred, you will receive a $500 credit on your account! In addition to the $500 credit for a 5 full-day signed contract ($50 per half-day enrolled), we will track all referrals this school year rewarding those families with the most contacts which come to fruition.

Click here for more information on Oakhill's referral program.

If you have any questions or want more information, please don't hesitate to reach out to Dot Beckham in Admissions.

THANK YOU for sharing your love of Oakhill with others!

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Your Admissions Office is excited to bring back our Early Childhood Summer Playdates! We hope that you will make plans now to attend one or both of them. Bring a friend! Open to all Early Childhood families, current or prospective.

Any questions? Contact Dot Beckham in Admissions!

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Why choose an independent private education?

By choosing an independent private education, you have the opportunity to choose a school whose philosophy, values, and teaching style fit your child. Independent private schools can also offer your family small class sizes, excellent teachers, and high academic standards.

Oakhill Day School is a place where children discover themselves as learners in a community where they feel valued and known. We invite you to learn more about the active learning that happens here!

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