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Teacher Toolkit | 5 Things Ms.Robbins Can't Teach Without

Patience and a kind heart are two of the most important traits a teacher needs to spend each day leading a room full of toddlers. Ms. Robbins has led the Toddler classroom at Oakhill for nine years. Over that time, Ms. Robbins has figured out what she needs to keep her class exciting for each group of 2-year-olds that come through her classroom; there's a reason why she is our resident Toddler Whisperer! Here are the five essential items Ms. Robbins keeps in her Teacher Toolkit.

Circle Time Bucket

Circle Time Bucket

Circle time is how we get our day started in the Toddler room. It's an opportunity to introduce our theme using many different methods like reading, playing games, or songs. Typically I keep books, stamps, photos, printed lyric sheets (to remember the words to my songs!), and flashcards or other types of manipulatives in the bucket so that I have everything I need. From time to time, I love to slip something new into the buckets. The kids think I'm magic when I pull a birds nest or something out of the bucket that they know wasn't there before!


Some classrooms have a class pet. Our Toddler Room has Albert. Albert is our friend. Albert not only helps us teach our themes, but he also helps with social-emotional learning. If a student is sad, Albert gets anxious too, if our class is excited about something, so is Albert. He's just another member of our class, and we love getting to know him throughout the year. The kids love when Albert has on his raincoat on rainy days, and he's always got something in his pocket, usually a yellow button, but you should see the kids faces when he tricks us by putting a purple heart button or quarter in his pocket!

Sensory Bucket

Engaging my students' senses at this age is so important, that's why our sensory bucket is a regular addition to our daily routine. We like to switch out what's in the bucket regularly. Sometimes it's beans, and sometimes it's water. We try to keep the contents food safe since toddlers love to put things in their mouths! A lot of times we hide little animals inside, but there is always something they can scoop with, pour from, and put stuff into inside the sensory bucket.

Band-aid Bag

I bet you think the band-aid bag is a must-have because toddlers love band-aids right? The truth is, we never leave this bag behind; it is always with us for everything that's inside it besides the band-aids! At this age, our students are messy, so we carry items like hand-sanitizer, wet wipes, tissues, and empty plastic bags with us because you never know what you're going to need and when. This kit is a lifesaver. And yes, every once and a while, we need the band-aids too!

Mid-Continent Public Library

I go to the library once a week! I love to keep a large selection of books to use throughout the week that goes with our themes because the kids get excited when I pull out a new story. Once I've pulled resources from the school library, I love being able to go online and find additional resources at the public library, place them on hold, and have them picked up and ready in advance of needing them for the week of learning ahead. In a school year, I can introduce hundreds of new stories and characters to my students that align with our themes (curriculum) just by utilizing our excellent public library system.

Ashley RobbinsMs. Robbins teaches Toddlers at Oakhill Day School. Be sure to comment below with what would go in your Teacher Toolkit!

Posted by M. McDaniel in Teacher Topics on Tuesday April, 16, 2019


We love Ms. Robbins!

from J. Kleyh on 04/16/19 at 06:58PM

This woman is a ROCK STAR teacher!  The kids are lucky to have such a great person in their lives! 

from J. Egbert on 04/17/19 at 09:44AM

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