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Communications Quick Start Guide
Posted 08/30/2017 08:33AM

Open communication between Oakhill and each one of you is the first step to ensuring your child's academic success this school year. Here are some of the avenues that we use at Oakhill to facilitate the two-way conversation between parent and school.

The Hub

The Hub is a password protected community space on the web that houses important school related information.

Visit the Hub to find:
  • News stories, Magnus, Rediker, and Classroom Group Page Access – Parent Hub Home Tab
  • Lunch (Boonli) Login Information – Lunch Tab
  • Kid's Club Registration Links – Kids' Club Tab
  • Technology How-to Sheets - Technology Tab
  • Access to Oakhill Social Media Feeds – Media Center Tab
  • Athletics Resource and Registration – Athletics Tab
  • SMART Tuition & Sallie Mae Information – Finance Tab
  • Oakhill Blog links - Blog Tab

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Calendar Alerts

We encourage all parents and Middle School students to subscribe to alerts. As busy as most parents are these days with several different schedules to juggle on a daily basis, alerts will help you know where to be and when without having to constantly look for the information.

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Email & Classroom Communication

You get an email! You get an email! You get an email!

Oakhill faculty and staff are great email communicators and we want to talk to you! The best way to reach your teacher or other Oakhill staff throughout the school day is by email. Typically, you can expect a response within 24 hours, although most always, the response is much quicker! Some teachers have listed their student-free times on their group page for parents to refer to if trying to reach them during the day.

All faculty and staff email addresses follow the same formula ( and can be accessed through the online Faculty and Staff Directory or by clicking on the envelope that appears when you hover over your classroom teachers' class name at the top of their classroom group page. Speaking of group pages, all Oakhill teachers, toddler - eighth grade have an online classroom space that we call our Classroom Group Pages! Be sure to visit your Classroom Group Pages often for photos, messages from your teacher, classroom calendars, and more.

Oakhill's youngest students receive an extra piece of daily communication from their teachers in the form of a daily sheet. The daily sheets can contain information on how long your child rested at nap to activities they did during the day. Depending on your teacher, this may come in the form of an email or in your child's backpack each night.


Your children are doing so much exploring and learning throughout the day and we want to make sure we capture and share as many of those moments with you as we can! Smugmug is a photo-sharing website that Oakhill uses to share photos taken by faculty and the Communications Office. You can get to Smugmug through links shared by your classroom teacher, galleries shared on Facebook, or by clicking here.

New this year! We have created a way for parents to share your photos taken at class parties, performances, and on field trips! The Smugmug upload links can be found every week at the bottom of your divisions weekly newsletter!

In a Nutshell School Blog

Once every week or two, a new In a Nutshell Blog entry is posted covering a variety of topics, including everything from parenting advice to getting to know more about your Oakhill teachers. Occasionally we will have guest bloggers, and the next one could be YOU!

Contact us if you are interested in being our next guest blogger!

Social Media

The world has really changed! Thanks to Oakhill's social media accounts, you can keep up with us throughout the day! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, Youtube and LinkedIn! Like, comment, and share the posts you enjoy, and send us recommendations about the topics you want to hear about!

When it comes to finding important school related information, please remember that our social media accounts do not replace our website, but they do provide you a timely glimpse into day-to-day life at Oakhill.

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