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Things I Learned from a Great Chiefs Season
Posted 01/29/2019 12:42PM

What the Chiefs Taught Me About Oakhill

I guess we got our "red snow day" after all... but, it wasn't because we won the Super Bowl... maybe Mother Nature gave us the ice and snow to help us reflect on a great season... a great team... and, a bright future. 

I have been waiting my whole life to go to the Super Bowl and watch the Chiefs play! I am a huge fan... not totally crazy, but a definite believer, supporter, and follower. I have gone to games when it is snowing, blowing, raining, flooding, hot, cold, and anything in between. I LOVE being a spectator at Arrowhead!

I took time yesterday to think about what made this Chiefs team special this year; I tried to create a parallel to what makes the Oakhill team special and to what makes the Oakhill students special. Here is what I came up with... lessons learned from the Chiefs:

  • We teach our students resilience and grit; we do our best to model this very behavior. When something gets in the way (a great defensive line, a few questionable referee calls, etc...) we do our best to overcome the situation... to take what we were dealt and make the best of it. We help our students make lemons out of lemonade. Just like the Chiefs, we teach each another and our students to find a way. Even when we don't win, we learn, and we get better!
  • We teach our entire team of students and staff to appreciate one another... to recognize one another's strengths and challenges. The Chiefs have 11 people on the field for a reason... each person possesses specific skills and brings varied experiences. Our faculty is made up of 85 unique individuals who are better together. We bring varied experience, opinions, thoughts, and skills to fulfill our common goals. We also teach our students to appreciate this... all of us are truly better because of the diverse perspectives and talents. 
  • We teach the entire community to be resourceful and to look for and accept opportunities when they knock. The Chiefs constantly look for that opportunity... a fumble, an interception, an open receiver, a poor match up... and, they take advantage of it. They can force opportunities, but they must also be prepared to grasp an opportunity when it presents itself. From administration to teachers and students, we must always look for those opportunities. All it takes is one... that one opportunity can help forge a new path or set something great into motion. 

Each player on the Chiefs roster learned to be humble this year, and I truly believe that is what helped the team find greater success. I am sure that when you are in the NFL, making millions, and playing well, it can be easy to become overly confident. But, the individuals on the roster truly became a team this year, and it showed on the field... it showed in the playoffs, and it will continue to help them improve. I feel as though our entire school is humble... we deliver an incredible education... a caring community... and so much more without overwhelming current and prospective families with too much fluff. We help our students realize their potential while staying true to being humble. I always say..."you shouldn't have to tell everyone how good you are... it should be known through what you do and how you do it." 

And, finally, I believe integrity is the most important aspect of a good person... a good school... a good team. The Chiefs showed integrity even during the devastating loss on Sunday. As I sat there watching the Patriots celebrate (as they should have), I was most proud of the Chiefs... they shook hands, they waved at the crowd, and they accepted the defeat. The post-game interviews were factual, kind, and reflective. I know that every teacher and administrator at Oakhill strives to help model integrity and expect nothing less from our students. We want our students to be respectful and recognize right from wrong... choosing right every time! I am proud of the Chiefs... I am proud of our community. Although ten people threw snowballs at the game, 74,990 did not.

Oakhill's Super Bowl (Annual Auction) is coming up soon... Saturday, March 2nd! Get your tickets now!

Go Chiefs,

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