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Mission Possible and Middle School Awards
Posted 05/10/2019 11:17AM

Each spring, the middle school spends one morning recognizing the achievements of its students throughout the school year.


Mission Possible Projects

The morning begins with the presentations of the eighth grade Mission Possible Projects, a year-long culmination of service learning, writing, research, and community involvement. These MPPs are the capstone of the Oakhill experience - the opportunity for our students to combine their passions, talents, and all the knowledge they have gained into a single project to share with the entire community. They have the ability to teach and inspire their peers while highlighting their accomplishments to the teachers who guided them through their Oakhill journey. Their hard work is truly impressive to see. This year's projects included Boeing, Oceana, PostSecret, the National Park Service, Polaris, Children's Mercy Hospital, and many other wonderful organizations around the world. All of the presentations have been loaded onto YouTube to be watched and shared.

Watch the 2019 MPPs Now!


Academic Award Ceremony

"Next to excellence is the appreciation of it." - William Makespace Thackery

After the MPP presentations have concluded, the entire middle school gathers in the gym for our annual Academic Awards Ceremony. Teachers from every subject come together to discuss the accomplishments of individuals to be recognized in front of friends and parents. We recognize the gifts each child brings to our school community and how grateful we have been to be a small part of their journey in life. This year's award winners can be viewed below.


Art Award: The Art Award is preset to a 7th or 8th-grade student for excellence in art. This year the award goes to Mary-Kathryn Wert.

PE Award: The PE Award is presented to a 7th or 8th-grade student that participates to the best of their ability on a consistent basis, follows the rules of the sport or game, and is a true team player. This year the award goes to Ryan Dodson.

Science Award: The science award is to be given to a 7th or 8th-grade student for curiosity and determination in scientific investigations. This student lives and breathes science. This year the award goes to Spenser Nash.

Infinity Award: The Infinity Award is presented to a 7th or 8th-grade student who has demonstrated a desire to recognize the incredible opportunities that are created by diversity, kindness, and the richness of culture across our planet. They also strive to provide a 'hand up' and not a hand-out. This year the award goes to Kylee Carlson ad Mary-Kathryn Wert.

Spanish Award: Dedicated to the entire 8th-grade class for their dedication, determination, diligence, inquisitive minds, and bravery in learning a foreign language.

Communication Arts Award: The Communication Arts Award is presented to 7th or 8th-grade students for excellence in Communication Arts. This year the award will be shared. Please congratulate Regan Miller and Ava McNellis.

Yearbook Award: This year a student has actively and enthusiastically participated for all four years of middle school. She was an excellent leader, contributed outstanding ideas, and encouraged others. We are grateful for her commitment and expertise. Please help me in congratulating Madeline Smith.

Math Award: The math award is presented to a 7th or 8th-grade student for excellence in mathematics. This year the award goes to Wain Guo.

Pioneer in Technology Award: According to the dictionary, a pioneer is a person who begins or helps develop something new and then prepares the way for others to follow. From coding to animation to video creation and editing, this year's recipient is always doing something creative and innovative with tech and is always willing to share her work and skills with those around her. Congratulations to Ava Mallams as this year's recipient of The Pioneer In Technology award.

Drama Award: The drama award is presented to a 7th or 8th-grade student for excellence in drama. This year the award is presented to Grace Clark, Addie Kimmerle, and Jonas Beckham.

Music Award: The music award is presented to a 7th or 8th-grade student for excellence in music. This year's award is presented to Mary Kathryn Wert, Addie Kimmerle, and Grace Clark.

Excellence in Social Studies Award: The social studies award is presented to a 7th or 8th-grade student for excellence in Social Studies. This year the award will be shared. Please congratulate Griffin Gregg, Shawn Walden, Ella Kramer, and Izzy Mountjoy.

Leadership Award: These two students were selected for modeling positive student leadership in the classroom, on the court, and beyond. They lead with kindness, respect, gratitude, and the right attitude. This year the leadership award goes to Kylee Carlson and Sam Brown.

Helen Wills Award for Citizenship: To be a good citizen you have to be a good person. That means that you show respect, you have a great attitude, you help others out, you are responsible, and you follow the rules. There are three students who truly live the Oakhill life-skills and are therefore our winners. They are Regan Miller, Carmela Pollina, and Mary-Kathryn Wert.

Panther Pride Award: The Panther Pride Award will be given to a 7th or 8th-grade student or students that have embraced everything Oakhill. This year the Panther Pride Award goes to Ryan Dodson, Emma Dake, and Georgia Carter.

Sunshine Award: We could all do with a little more sunshine in our lives and every day there are people who go above and beyond to brighten the lives of those around them. This year the SUNSHINE AWARD will be shared by two 8th grade students whose infectious smiles light up a room. Congratulations to Mason Brown and Ava Kirkpatrick.

Pleasant Panther Award: Friendly, respectful, lovely, good-natured, agreeable, nice, likable. These are all synonyms of the word pleasant. This year the PLEASANT PANTHER AWARD goes to Nadia Kisela-Mitchell.

Student Athlete Award: The student-athlete award goes to a 7th or 8th-grade student who has shown the ability to maintain excellence in the classroom while positively contributing to their team. This year the award with be shared. Please congratulate Lauren Holloway and Thai Nguyen.

Top Scholar Award: The top scholar award is an award given to a 7th or 8th-grade student for overall academic excellence and strong character. This year the Top Scholar Award goes to Griffin Gregg and Jonas Beckham.

Middle School Cup: We selected these girls for their humility, quiet leadership, and ability to take a tough situation and handle it with grace and dignity. See, over their MS years, these girls have had their medical challenges. The great thing is that they never ever dwelled on them or let them define them. They kept their chins up and continued to make positive contributions by sharing their many talents with our ODS community. They are friends to all and champion the underdog. They stand up for what is right, even when it is not popular. They are wise beyond their years and it is for these reasons we would like to recognize Grace Clark, Julia Holmes, and Ava Mallams as our Faculty Award – the MS Cup – this year.


Other groups recognized: iBuild Showcase finalists, Kansas City Science and Engineering Fair participants, Future City finalists, Presidential Service Award recipients, Recycling team, Quiz Bowl team, MAS Mentors, MathCounts Competition, Math League participants, Missouri Council of Teachers of Mathematics participants, Middle School Choir, Garage Band, Cast and Crew of the Sound of Music, Geography Bee, Debate Team, Scripps Spelling Bee, Student Ambassadors, Student Council, National Junior Honor Society, and Pep Club.


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