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The Importance of Kindergarten

Kindergarten Graduates

What do you remember about kindergarten? For most people, it’s probably playing with friends at recess or practicing for a class play. Maybe that was the year you learned to tie your shoes or write your name (write your name where others could read it) for the first time. Everyone remembers something different about that pivotal year, but there is one similarity between every student experience: kindergarten was the foundation year for everything else they would ever learn.

Kindergarten students participate in oral-language activities like story read-along and role-play which are great for the development of pre-reading skills like listening comprehension and phonemic awareness.

Because of the structure of contemporary school systems, kindergarten is no longer the entry point for most students schooling. At Oakhill, many of our students enter Kindergarten having already experienced our Early Childhood program or other daycare programs with some semblance of your typical elementary school structure. But no matter the students' school history prior to beginning Kindergarten, there are fundamental changes in learning that occur during this transition year.

Kindergarten students participated in International Dot Day, turning their drawings to life using augmented reality applications on iPads.

A child’s Kindergarten school year is when the focus of their learning morphs from being purely social and emotional to a more structured school atmosphere focusing on fundamental academics. The Kindergarten classroom looks different. Toys like kitchen sets and dress up areas might be replaced with math manipulatives and reading corners. And nap time is no more. Students have to learn to navigate their day without that end of day rest which might make those first few days of kindergarten seem longer for the child, but as children usually do, they adapt quickly.

Each morning, our kindergarten students begin their day with circle time. Circle time is a great time for the class to go over their schedule for the day, to talk about the calendar, and to get their bodies moving.

Oakhill students are fortunate to have “specials” throughout the day beginning in the Toddler (age 2) year, but at Oakhill, we introduce formal art, science, and technology curriculum into the mix for our Kindergarten students. It is during this year where they begin to understand more complex concepts and it serves as a great opportunity for us to prepare them for their journey into first grade.

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