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Scenes from a rainstorm

The butterfly garden can be a place of extremes. One week the soil can be dry; the next week it can be under 5 cm of water. 

As the rain falls, it can either seep into the soil or run off to a lower point. We often design human areas to …

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May Showers and May Flowers

The final week of May brought rain after weeks of fairly dry weather. Four species of plants are blooming in the butterfly garden. Let's take a look!

Copper Iris

Most of the Copper Iris flowers have already faded, like the one immediately …

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The irises bloom

We have nine Copper Iris plants in the butterfly garden. Each one can produce multiple flowers. Only one of the Copper Iris plants produced a single flower in 2019; it was destroyed in a rainstorm within 24 hours. 

Copper Iris flower

Copper …

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Mimicry in the Butterfly Garden

Mimicry is when one species looks like another, often because the resemblance leads to a survival benefit. A classic example of mimicry is the similar appearance of the Monarch butterfly and the Viceroy butterfly. Many students might recall …

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It all starts with an Acorn… 

Living Lab Blog

Plants are magnificent things. They start small but grow over time. And over time, they have an impact. People, too, are magnificent. They start small but grow over time. And over time, they also have an impact! 

Let’s take a look …

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