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Oakhill Day School is proud to partner with FLIK Independent School Dining Services to provide fresh and balanced meals to fuel bright futures.

Eat. Share. Connect. FLIK understands the wants, needs, and preferences of Oakhill students, parents, and faculty and is focused on cooking from whole, fresh ingredients to fuel our community's minds every day.

FLIK's dining program is not just about food, it's about a culinary experience. Our on-site chef, with the support of a dietician, crafts made-from-scratch menus. These menus not only provide delicious, nutritious food with local/regional flavors but are also age-appropriate and customized to fit a wide range of allergies and dietary restrictions. 

Pretoddler—3rd-grade students can participate in the Oakhill Dining x FLIK breakfast and lunch program or bring lunch from home. All 4th—8th-grade students participate in the lunch program; fees are part of the Intermediate and Middle School Division tuition.



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For more information about Oakhill Dining x Flik, please contact Chef Cary Liechti with menu/allergy accommodation questions and Taylor Clevenger with dining billing/registration questions.



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Foodservice at Oakhill has gone digital. Through FLIK's dining portal and app, weekly menus, food holidays, and other on-campus promotions can be communicated directly with students, families, and staff.

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