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Spring Fling
Stephanie Lafferty

Oakhill has a tradition of celebrating parents each year at the Spring Fling. 

Bowling in P.E!
Kaylyn Clevenger

Students learned the proper form to bowl and the way to keep score for their teammates on an app using Ipads. 

7th/8th Grade Trip Group Photo
Suzanne McCanles

This time of year brings natural change at school, too - some big and some small! Change is never a bad thing in education… it keeps a school from being complacent… it keeps us on our toes. Change brings new ideas, new thoughts, and new perspectives!

Character Strength #6 - Perseverance
Abigail Pavlisin

Perseverance is defined as the continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure, or opposition. So this month I challenge you. As a family, implement the "Hard Thing Rule".

Making Sense of Grade Cards
Timothy Ziegler

Find out how to read, understand, and analyze your child's grade card when it comes next month!

Thank you for helping us grow!
Dorothy Beckham

Thank you for sharing your love of Oakhill with Family and Friends! We are excited to meet potential new Panthers whom you know and love!

Host Family Advertisement Thumb
Dorothy Beckham

Faces and Our Cultures is an 8-week cultural exchange program from Guatemala. Each year, Faces sends approximately 175 Guatemalan students ages 10-18 to the United States, into 13 states and 100 schools.

Save the Date: 2024 Golf Tournament
Maggie Newhouse

Save the date for a fun day of golf as we honor our beloved Helen Wills, who taught many generations of Oakhill students and left a legacy that has forever become part of the Oakhill community culture.

Oakhill Kindergarten Class
Dorothy Beckham

Your experiences and stories are invaluable to us! As members of the Oakhill Day School community, your insights can help prospective families understand the incredible work we do here. Share your story today!

Summer Tutoring
Delaney Zimmermann

Are you ready to make this summer a season of growth and learning for your child? Look no further! Our summer tutoring program is here to ensure that your child stays sharp and engaged during the break.


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