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National Spanish Exams

National Spanish Exam Results

In March of 2020 and 2021, a small group of students elected to take the National Spanish Exams. The National Spanish Examinations are standards-based assessments that evaluate both content standards (what a student knows) and performance standards (what a student is able to do) over various levels of secondary instruction. There are two sections to the test. The achievement section assesses content standards through specifications for vocabulary and specifications for grammar. The proficiency section of the test assesses performance standards as defined by the National Spanish Examination Proficiency Levels. This section assesses Interpretive Communication: both reading comprehension and listening comprehension. 

Due to the pandemic and transition to virtual schooling, the testing window in 2020 was extended until June and Oakhill did not receive official results until after we received the results for the 2021 tests.

Last year, the following students took the exams and received placement awards in their categories. This test was optional for 6th and 7th graders and required for 8th graders. 

2020 Results

2020 - Level Pre-01

  • Elise Carter - Bronce award
  • Olivia Masoner - Bronce award
  • Natalie Peterson - Bronce award
  • Brady Fox - Bronce award
  • Jack Wennen - Honor
  • Gioncarlo Moreno Magnum - Plata

2020 - Level 01

  • Drew Clawson - Honor

2020 - Level 1

  • Carter Egbert - Honor
  • Cole Southard - Honor
  • Jonas Beckham - Honor
  • Nura Henok - Honor

2021 Results

6 Students in First through 3rd grade participated in the Division A challenge. This Division was for students who were new to Spanish (in grades 1-3); and only had Spanish exposure within the classroom. 

  • Third Graders: Luke Rule scored Outstanding with a score between 75-100. 

  • Third Graders Reese Boyd, Elizabeth Ennis, Second Grader Gabriel Graham, and First grader Annabelle Calvert earned Excellent Achievement with scores between 50-74. 
  • First Grader Abigail White earned an honorable mention for her participation. Way to go! 

14 students in Fourth through 6th grade participated in the Division B challenge. This Division was for students who were new to Spanish (in grades 4-6), only had Spanish exposure within the classroom, or were in a strictly oral program. 

These students scored Excellent with results between 75-109

  • Fourth Graders: Liliana Calvert, Kinsley Davis, Camden Egbert, Elise Eggers, Mohamed Khalif, Brooklyn Kumar (107), Berke Somasegaran, and Alex Tomeldan
  • Fifth Graders: Truman Gregg,  Jacob Songer,
  • Sixth Grader: Ralf Pollina (he scored 109)

These students scored Outstanding with results between 110-150

  • Fourth Grader: Maya Fleck
  • Sixth Graders: Serena Doumit & Andy Phung
  • Phillip Shekleton also earned an honorable mention for his participation in the National Spanish Challenge. Way to go! 

In 2021 the National Spanish Exam was again optional for 7th Graders and required for all 8th Graders. Please note that the basic test level for 2021 was 1-2 levels higher than the 2020 test.

2021 - Level 1 

  • Elise Carter - Honor
  • Drew Clawson - Bronce
  • Alexa Doumit - Bronce
  • Viet Nguyen - Honor
  • Lucy Rule - Honor
  • Benedict Yager - Honor

Great job to everyone who participated! 


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