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In a Nutshell: Lots to Look Forward to this Fall!

We have kicked off another school year, and it is full of excitement and fun! It has been inspirational to see this faculty and staff highly engaged and excited about a new school year. Do we wish it was completely "normal"? Absolutely! Are we happy to be at Oakhill with these amazing students and families? Yes, we ARE! 

Oakhill is so much more than simply a great place to receive an education. We are a community! We are the right size, small enough to be nimble and large enough to provide diverse offerings. We have an amazing faculty and staff dedicated to our mission and committed to serving our students! 

Throughout this busier than normal enrollment season, Dorothy Beckham (Director of Admission) has heard from families who chose another path three years ago, two years ago, or even just for last year. The comments that resonate are that we can be trusted, and we are predictable. Our number one priority is to give our students the best possible educational experience regardless of our community and world variables. 

With all of that said, I want to thank this year's PTO for kicking off the school year with an amazing Back to School event... the annual Carnival, a few of the familiar traditions.... with a bit of a different twist! This crew is creative and committed to the student and parent body; that is evident! A big thank you to our new PTO President, Michelle Shekleton, and the Carnival Committee Co-Chairs, Ashley Williams and Ali Mordhorst.

I also want to thank Kent Peterson for his two-year run as President of the Board of Trustees. I have enjoyed working with Kent; he is a true leader and a committed community member. I welcome An Le as our new President of the Board. An has been a part of this community for many years; two of her three children have already graduated from Oakhill, and she and Tan have a daughter in the 6th grade! I look forward to another incredible year of collaboration, strategic planning, and institutional growth.

I apologize for the virtual nature of our upcoming Back to School Nights in each division. We continue to plan for in-person events in the future. I hope to see everyone at our annual Global Celebration. This year, we will once again hold the event outside on Thursday, September 23. Thank you, Cody WalkerHolmes and Janelle Crouse, for leading this event. Families who want to participate can register to host a booth here.

I am excited to be a chaperone on our South Dakota Badlands trip with our 7th and 8th graders. I look forward to enjoying this adventure with them - hiking, exploring, and enjoying the beauty of the Black Hills and Badlands. Another huge thank you goes out to Maggie Newhouse, who arranges our overnight trips; she makes sure the i's are dotted, and the t's are crossed with all of the moving parts! We also enjoy the leadership and expertise of our Grand Classroom representatives, who help us set the itinerary AND help to guide these adventures. 

Fall is almost here! I look forward to cooler temps, falling leaves, and all that fall brings. Thank you for being supportive members of this incredible community. We are all in this together!

Grateful for this school,