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Doubling the Impact: Leveraging Matching Gifts for Donations to Oakhill Day School

When it comes to making charitable donations, donors often seek opportunities to maximize the impact of their contributions. One powerful way to achieve this is by leveraging matching gifts. These programs, offered by many employers, allow individuals to double the impact of their donations by having their gifts matched by their employer. In this post, we will explore why donors should consider leveraging matching gifts when making donations to Oakhill. We will also provide information on how to find out if an employer offers matching gifts, emphasizing the transformative effect such programs can have on supporting the school's mission and enhancing the educational experience for its students.


1. Amplifying the Impact of Individual Gifts

Matching gifts programs offer a unique opportunity for donors to significantly amplify the impact of their individual gifts. When a donor contributes to Oakhill Day School and their employer matches that donation, the combined amount doubles the original gift. For example, a $500 donation can instantly become $1,000 with a matching gift. This substantial increase in funding empowers the school to implement additional programs, enhance facilities, invest in technology, and support various educational initiatives that benefit the students.


2. Encouraging Increased Donor Participation

By highlighting the availability of matching gifts, Oakhill Day School can encourage increased donor participation. When donors realize that their contributions can be doubled through their employers' matching gift programs, they are more likely to contribute and engage with the school's fundraising efforts. This increased participation not only generates additional funds for the school but also fosters a sense of community and shared responsibility among donors, as they collectively work towards the school's success.


3. Supporting Financial Assistance and Access to Education

Matching gifts have a significant impact on supporting financial assistance programs at Oakhill. Many families rely on financial assistance to afford the school's tuition. When donors leverage matching gifts, their contributions directly contribute to expanding financial assistance opportunities for students with need. By doubling the impact of individual gifts, more students can access a high-quality education, regardless of their financial circumstances. This inclusivity promotes diversity and creates a supportive and inclusive learning environment for all students.


4. Strengthening Community Partnerships

Matching gift programs provide an opportunity to strengthen community partnerships between Oakhill Day School, donors, and their employers. By aligning philanthropic goals, the school can cultivate relationships with businesses and organizations that share a commitment to education. When employers match their employees' donations, it demonstrates their support for the school's mission and commitment to corporate social responsibility. These partnerships can extend beyond monetary contributions and pave the way for volunteer opportunities, mentorship programs, and other collaborative initiatives that enhance the overall educational experience.


How to Find Out if an Employer Offers Matching Gifts

To leverage matching gifts, donors need to determine if their employers offer such programs. Here are some steps to find out:

  • Check your Employer's Website: Start by visiting your employer's website and searching for information on corporate giving programs or matching gifts. Many companies have dedicated sections or pages that outline their philanthropic initiatives and matching gift policies.

  • Speak to Human Resources: Contact the human resources department or the corporate giving team within your organization. Inquire about matching gift programs and the process for submitting matching gift requests. They can provide you with the necessary forms and guidelines.

  • Utilize Matching Gift Databases: Several online databases, such as Double the Donation and Corporate Giving Connection, allow individuals to search for their employer's matching gift program. These platforms provide comprehensive information on eligibility, matching ratios, and the submission process.

  • Engage with the Oakhill Advancement Team: Reach out to Oakhill Day School's Advancement Team. We can assist in verifying matching gift eligibility, providing necessary documentation, and guiding you through the process of submitting a matching gift request.


Leveraging matching gifts offers donors a compelling opportunity to double the impact of their contributions to Oakhill. By taking advantage of employer-sponsored matching gift programs, donors can amplify the value of their individual gifts and make a significant difference in supporting the school's mission. Not only does this practice foster a culture of giving, but it also strengthens community partnerships and enhances access to education through increased financial aid opportunities. By exploring if their employers offer matching gifts and actively participating in such programs, donors can make a lasting impact on the educational experience of Oakhill Day School students.

Remember, finding out if your employer offers matching gifts is the first step in making an even greater contribution to the school. Explore the resources mentioned, connect with Oakhill, and seize the opportunity to double the impact of your generosity. Together, we can ensure that every student receives the transformative education they deserve.

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