Oakhill Spelling Bee

Oakhill Spelling Bee

After 3 hours, 63 rounds, and 265 words ODS declared eighth grader Huntley Harken the Oakhill Spelling Bee Champion on Tuesday, November 14. Oakhill Day School is proud to be registered with the Scripp's National Spelling Bee and to have our bee act as an official qualifier for the Midcontinent Public Library Spelling Bee Championship.

Second through eighth grade students have been working diligently to prepare for the spelling bee season since September. Students began studying grade levels lists to prepare for in-class spelling bees, which were held in October. Oakhill is proud of all 14 classroom champions who went on to compete in the school-wide bee.

Studying for a spelling bee helps to strengthen spelling skills and word knowledge, expands vocabulary, helps with public speaking, and promotes self-discipline. Students find an interest in learning about word etymology, word history, parts of speech, and word patterns. All of these important parts of studying for a spelling bee help strengthen literacy skills. They are all part of the big linguistic puzzle!

We are very proud to support continued growth in phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, grammar and written mechanics at Oakhill. Students strengthen these skills in a variety of instructional activities, programs, and projects such as Rhyming to Read in the Early Childhood Division, Pathways to Reading in the Lower School Division, and Multisensory Grammar in the Intermediate Division.

We wish Huntley good luck as he prepares for the online semifinal bee in February. Congratulations to all of our classroom winners and spelling bee participants. We are very proud of your dedication and hard work!

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