Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday Banner

At Oakhill Day School, the safety of our students is an ongoing commitment. This Giving Tuesday, we're excited to unveil a special initiative aimed at bolstering our security measures. Our goal is to raise $20,000 in just 24 hours, and we need your help.

Picture this as a puzzle—each $250 donation acts as a crucial piece, intricately fitting into place to construct a safer Oakhill. Your contribution, regardless of size, plays a vital role in completing this picture of security and protection. Together, we can build a shield that ensures our students can focus on learning, growth, and the joy of being part of the Oakhill community.

Whether you're a parent, alum, faculty member, or a friend of Oakhill, your support is crucial. Mark your calendars for Giving Tuesday, November 28, 2023, and join us in this meaningful journey. Stay tuned for updates, stories, and progress as we collectively work to ensure that every child at Oakhill feels secure, valued, and ready to embrace their educational journey.

Let's make a profound impact on the safety landscape of our school. Thank you for being an integral part of our Oakhill family, and we look forward to achieving this goal with your incredible support.

P.S. Remember, each $250 donation completes one piece of the puzzle towards a safer Oakhill!

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